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Low dose of isotretinoin(roaccutane): my knight in shining armor :)

Hey there I’ve decided to post this incase it might help anyone with the same problems, sense I’ve gotten so many useful information from this website. So I really hope it does help. Okay…so I’ve been suffering from chronic moderate acne for more than five years. I was that kind of girl who never really saw the value of a clear face until it was gone. So at the beginning of my acne adventure, I didn’t really take the right action. Now I really wished I could go back and take the right treatment for my face so it wouldn’t have so much damage!! I had all kinds of acne, those throbbing white heads, black heads, clogged pores acne, the huge clumps, and small annoying heat rashes. I was so hopeless, so I tried drinking detox tea, and it really helped my skin. My acne amount decreased a LOT and it was more controllable. But after I took the tea, I could no longer eat junk food or drink soda (because my body wouldn’t take it in). That was okay, but still I couldn’t seem to get rid of the rest of it. Years went by and I’m about to go to college, with the hopes of being a freshman with a pretty, clean face. I tried everything, BP, differin, clindamycin, etc…but to my horror, I started having breakouts again! Even though I didn’t do anything but stayed home and rest. I went to another derm and did their acne course, but it only made it worst, my face stung with everything she put on my face and I kept getting breakouts. At this point, I started to ditch the dream of entering college sans acne. So I went back to my old derm and she decided to prescribe me Isotretinoin (market name: roaccutane, accutane, isotrex…etc) (also, being a biology student, I was very careful of what I put in my body, that’s why I finally looked at the idea of taking drugs to cure my acne after five failed years of trial and error). The brand I got was Acnetrex, and she gave me 10mg to take a day (a very low dose, sense I have moderate acne), for a week and then come back and see her. She told me that there were no side effects except for getting dry skin and dry lips (now this is the part that I don’t understand, both derms I went to refused to talk about the side effects of the drugs and simply told me it wasn’t a scary drug) so she convinced me and I took the drug with high hopes but also reminding myself it’s the kind of drug where it’s going to take a long period of time to see the results. I went home that day feeling happy that I might actually find a cure to my long time self-esteem killer, but before I took the drug, I read my MIMS book, and went online to search about acnetrex…or isotretinoin. I stumbled on this website and found that more people are taking the drug than I thought, so I felt safe and took one pill before bed, with a small horror of knowing that I might go through really nasty side effects. I was restless on the first night, I couldn’t sleep and my eyes and lips were dry. I was confused as to why the side effects happened so fast, but a part of me said maybe it wasn’t the side effect, merely just my paranoid brain believing it was. So the next day I called my derm and asked if I could stop the drug because I felt I wasn’t ready to go though it all just yet. She said I could, so I stopped isotretinoin, and waited for the days to go by so it would be totally gone from my system. The next day, I woke up with the shock of my life. My face, always oily and constant breakouts here and there, that morning, was dry—not peeling-DRY-dry, but the kind of dry that made my face feel clean, and oh the smoothness! My face has never been this smooth since before I suffered from the breakout!! And as the day went on, I noticed I no longer had the unwanted shine on my face and the acne on my forehead, black heads and little white heads were gone. I could hardly believe it. For five days, I could flaunt my new face, sans oil and my skin was actually glowing (I said five days because this is the fifth day since I stopped the drug and my face is still looking pretty decent). I went back to my derm and asked if I could take the drug once or twice a week only, sense the miraculous effect it gave me, she said I could do that but it wouldn’t cure my acne. I kinda doubted that, so I decided I was going to try taking it twice a week, and see what will happen. So I’m writing this to say that maybe taking a low dose of isotretinoin for a few times a week may actually be a good cure for moderate acne. I know for a fact that the lower the dose, the less the side effects (did I mention I didn’t have insomnia, or dry eyes and lips anymore? I didn’t suffer depression at all, I was actually quite happy). I doubted the power of isotretinoin, but now I do believe it. It really does work. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but for now, I am happy with my new face