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More Info

So just to let you guys know that i have been on a diet for almost two months now, by eating fruits and vegetables, lots of water, and nuts. So far the diet hasnt done much for me so far which is why i am going to see if masturbation is the reason for my moderate acne. For about four months my skin was pretty clear, and when i decided to try and masturbate i started to develop some pimples. The more i masturbated the more pimples i would start to develop. This is why i feel that masturbation may

Im Startin Over

OK last time i got to day 24 and my skin improved a bit but now i am going to o for 48 days to see the true effects of no mastubation.

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Not much change thus far. Im starting to become discouraged but i have to continue on in order to see the true effects.

Day 3

So there hasn't been much of a difference so far. It feels as if my acne is actually getting worse.


So there hasnt been to much of a difference so far. Actually two new smaller pimples have devloped on my right cheek. But the three larger pimples have reduced in size about 30%. My moderate size pimples havent undergone any visual difference so far. The pain in the three larger pimples have gone down quite a bit.


Day 1: feel the same as any other day so far. i have about six moderate size pimples on my right side, and two moderate size pimples on my left side. about three small pimples on my chin. one pimple above my lip. two small pimples on my forehead. Large pimple on my chin. Large pimple on my left cheek. large pimple on my forehead. redness of the pimples arent that noticeable except for the three large pimples.
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