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Day 2

My ridiculous flare-up from the last couple of weeks is beginning to flake off. I'm nearing the end of my period, so I know this particular flare-up was definitely menstrual cycle related. Since I'm on Spiro now, I'm looking forward to the chance of irregular periods. That's how my cycle has always been so it's normal to me, having PCOS. When I was on the Metformin for 2 months, it was like clockwork but the mood swings were just too much. I'm hoping Spiro doesn't jack up my head and emotions. I'd really love to have less acne and also be sane at the same time so I could enjoy it! My skin is pretty oily, as normal, if not slightly drier due to the cooling weather and working in an Air Conditioned environment. I'm completely clear now on my forehead, my nose, and chin, I'm thinking due to my adherence to the Regimen. It's just the sides of my cheeks, jawline and where I would have mutton-chops (:>) that is red, broken out and scarred. I always thought it was odd that the oiliest parts of my face, the t-zone, were where I was the clearest, especially as I've gotten older. The beard-line acne has only gotten more cystic, painful and gross-looking. I really hope this works, I can't wait to be able to touch my face and move on to dealing with fading my scarring. The only difference I'm feeling is slight lightheadedness, fatigue and some off-and-on headaches. However, not really sure if that is due to the Spiro or my new allergy med or still being on my period, or something else entirely. Only time will tell!





On To The Next One

I've been a lurker for a few months on Acne.org, trying to get ideas on what to try. I recently decided to go to a doctor and do something about my acne, which I have had since the beginning of puberty, about age 11. I have every type of acne, usually all at the same time, but the increase in my cystic acne in the last few years has pushed me over the edge into really wanting to do something. I've been adhering to The Regimen for about a month. I experienced an initial clearing of my whiteheads and larger pustules but no change yet in the cystic nodes. My acne is decidedly hormonal but also stress related. I've experienced a lot of dryness and peeling with the BP but I'm trying to stick it out and NOT PICK which is my ultimate weakness. As for my doctor adventures: she diagnosed me with PCOS and prescribed Glucophage to help my body become less resistant to insulin and ultimately fix my cycle, my excess weight, my acne and excess body hair. I was so excited, it sounded like a miracle drug! I was on it for 2 months and stopped after my check-up just yesterday. It triggered ovulation and helped in that regard but after I described my horrific PMS this last month, she decided that we could try something else. It also made me seriously exhausted and seemed to cause an excess of anxiety, something that I usually don't have problems with. I had the usual stomach cramps and digestion tract issues but I actually didn't even mind that so much. I just couldn't deal with the exhaustion and the mood swings/hormone wackiness. So, off them I went. She now has prescribed Spirolactone, which is supposed to block the excess androgens (male hormones). I've read several things saying it only blocks it in the skin but others say it stops excess androgens in the entire body. This seems to just be another screwing-with-hormones experiment but I wanted to try it before I try Accutane. I have been on Spiro for a day now. I have experienced the excessive peeing, but I pee a lot and drink a lot of water already. I am experiencing some tiredness but I'm not sure if it's residual from the Metformin or if it's really the Spiro. We shall see!




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