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Day 2

My ridiculous flare-up from the last couple of weeks is beginning to flake off. I'm nearing the end of my period, so I know this particular flare-up was definitely menstrual cycle related. Since I'm on Spiro now, I'm looking forward to the chance of irregular periods. That's how my cycle has always been so it's normal to me, having PCOS. When I was on the Metformin for 2 months, it was like clockwork but the mood swings were just too much. I'm hoping Spiro doesn't jack up my head and emoti





On To The Next One

I've been a lurker for a few months on Acne.org, trying to get ideas on what to try. I recently decided to go to a doctor and do something about my acne, which I have had since the beginning of puberty, about age 11. I have every type of acne, usually all at the same time, but the increase in my cystic acne in the last few years has pushed me over the edge into really wanting to do something. I've been adhering to The Regimen for about a month. I experienced an initial clearing of my whiteh




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