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I already picked... Shoot. This is going to be so much harder than I ever imagined.

So I HAD to post this.

For years I've thought I had blackheads all over my nose - Turns out I don't! Oh my gosh. Huge relief. Knowing this is definitely going to stop some unnecessary picking! Those are not blackheads in your nose …..most of the time. Almost every day I get clients at my acne clinic that think they have blackheads on their nose. I know that what they see in their nose looks just like blackheads, but it is not. Those are what are called sebaceous filaments. They are basically the oil glands on your nose and in the chin area just below the lower lip. They are meant to be there and will never go away. Even if extracted, it still looks the same and it fills right back up again a week later. Once in a while, someone actually will have blackheads in their nose. The picture below shows a client of mine who has blackheads in between the sebaceous filaments. Those definitely need to be extracted. So, my rule of thumb is, if all the so-called “blackheads†in your nose are all the same size, then they are not blackheads. If, however, you have a “blackhead†that is bigger than the rest of the other “blackheads†in the nose, then it really is a blackhead and not just another sebaceous filament. My clients tend to have a very disappointing reaction to my assessment of their “blackheads†on their nose. They, most often, desparately want them to go away. I reassure them that everybody, even people who have never had acne, have them. Everyone but the most oil-dry of skin does have them. When you are standing a couple of feet away from someone, which is the normal “space†between people, you can’t even see the pores on the nose. We are all so used to looking at air-brushed pictures of models in fashion magazines that have absolutely perfect skin with no pores showing at all. Unfortunately, this sets up an expectation and fantasy that our skin should look just like this. Sorry…… it’s just not real and I tell my clients that they are just going to have to accept their nose the way it is. Music to my ears! Well. Sort of.

Starting over.

Okay. So I started the acne.org regimen about a year & a half ago. Bottom line - I wasn't nearly persistent enough, & I eventually gave up. This time around, I want things to be completely different. I want to find my perfect regimen, stick with it, & see some real results. The first time around, I did see results, but I also experimented more than I should have instead of sticking with just one routine. I don't think I'll have as much of a problem with that this time - I definitely learned from my mistakes! - However, I think my biggest challenge will be... Picking! I have such a bad picking problem... I'm pretty sure I do it on a daily basis, & always, ALWAYS regret it afterwards. The results of my picking are never good. I actually just picked about thirty minutes ago... Then immediately pulled up Google & tried to find a website to help me stop (yes, I Google everything)... Turns out, this website was the first one that showed up, so I'm taking it as a sign. But anyway... I'm starting over fresh, starting right now. Tomorrow begins a new month, & I really do want to change my ways. I've even started a picking log, just like suggested. Mark my words - Today is the last day I plan on picking! Honest. I am going to try SO hard to stop. Also, I don't plan on being as active on the message boards this time... & I don't really plan on making friends, either. Don't get me wrong, I know there are so many nice people on this site - I met plenty of them my last go, but I really don't need the distraction, nor do I want to come to acne.org ALL the time. PS, I'll probably post something in this blog every time I get the urge to pick - That's the plan, anyway.
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