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Hi everyone! i decided to join because i hate acne, and i just wanted to let it all out on this blog. Well... im 15 years young and i've been dealing with mild (servere at times) acne for about 3-4 years. its really hard for me because im a sophmore in high school, a cheerleader, and none of my friends really know what im going through. Im very fun, outgoing, and people tell me im cute (when i dont have breakouts). when i get break outs, i dont feel like going anywhere or seeing anyone, i dont even like to look in the mirror. 2 years ago, my doctor prescibed binzaclin. then my skin was soo bad, i had little pimples everywhere and a couple big ones here and there. after a couple of weeks of binzaclin and some type of anitboitic (forgot which kind) my skin was clear, and my confidence was threw the roof. but all that came 2 a BIG FAT STOP this summer. i guess my skin just got immune to binzaclin. it was real good stuff, but my acne just got worse. i had to go threw my first week of sophmore year with the worst break out i ever had. i even had to take freakin school pictures! my doctor suggested adapalene gel over the summer in like july. she said results wont show til 4-8 weeks...but who really has that LONG?! i didnt, so we decided to try epiduo. this is seriously my last resort, and i really hope this stuff works. now i've been using epiduo for 4 days. at this point its bringing everything from underneath the skin's surface out. it looks really bad, but i can feel a change (i see the light at the end of the tunnel! lol). hey, things have to get worse before it gets better. im tired of hearing that but its true (like the sky is blue). epiduo is suppose to bring everything out, then eliminate it on the surface (clearing your pores and stripping your face of oil you dont need). but because of that your face will be dry, irritable, itchy, red, and peeling (and burning). my face is peeling, burning and red. a little moisturizer helps (i use purpose moisturizer and face wash). im only 4 days into this, hopefully i see improvements soon. will keep who ever cares posted any comments, questions, or concerns just let me know! -Fayebae