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I have lived a long time with acne in till depression got the better of me and thank god it did!!!

One day I woke up applied my ridiculous amount of face products and finally took one long last look in the mirror before leaving for work��"I cried... instantly rang in sick , ran upstairs washed all the crap off my face and jumped back into bed and cried myself to sleep!! I got that depressed I refused to wash my face with any products I figured it just couldn’t get any worse... I was fortunate enough that I only worked the weekends and had holiday from college so I spent the rest of the two weeks dwelling on my skin, refusing to use any products AT ALL and just splashed with water!! The first few days I was down and spent most of my times lying in bed watching my skin become a greasy slime sore horrid sight. I just didn’t care at the time...After a while I would wake up and my skin would feel as though I had washed it and my skin felt soft and redness had gone down and dry patches going so....I carried on just washing with water for a week and I cannot tell you how my skin improved over time��"yes it got allot worse to start with but it started to heal its self. My second week off college I introduced cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser....during this time I also did a lot of skin research and learnt quite allot about my skin and skin types. The more you wash your skin and use harsh chemicals you are washing away the skins natural oils, causing your sebaceous glands to get irritated, over react and produce even more oil which will clog your pores even more....also you are washing away your protective layer which helps protect from free radicals and pollution all of these add to acne. The natural oils in your skin also even your skin tone and protect- sooth and heal the skin. Not washing my face at first wasn’t good--my oil went in overdrive and my skin was a grease ball BUT only in till my glands regulated and became balanced and not half as oily. Now I am a skin snob and only use very gentle products that are good and kind to my skin. I have changed my whole skin care routine and only use a topical lotion once or twice a week. I only splash my face with cetaphil at night and splash with water in the morning and that is it!!! I also use Clinique anti-blemish solutions liquid make-up. After doing a lot of research I realised that even product with non-comedogic and oil free actually can still have ingredience that aggravate acne Clinique have none of these. Remember as well your skin has to breath so applying products all the time is blocking. People that suffer from hormonal acne can be very hard to treat; evening primrose oil can help allot it takes 2 months to kick in but it helps regulate and balance hormones. Also using essential oils can help de-stress and help hormones. Also having hormonal acne should be treated different to other acne factors, skin is sensitive with hormones and should be treated using sensitive products, it’s no good using acne chemicals when soothing properties will work much better. Ever wondered why people that do hardly anything to their skin have good skin well it because they do exactly nothing....I really advice everyone to learn more about treating their skin types and washing with only water in till the skin evens and heals it’s self..It’s hard not doing anything because you feel like you’re not helping and the condition does get worse initially but it really does work. I also wouldn’t use too hot or cold water on the skin this can cause more oiliness! I REALLY hope this helps people it’s helped me allot...I wish for a world without acne!!