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Intro & Day 3

Well, I caved and I'm now one of the many taking Accutane. I've been thinking of taking it for years now (I even had the prescription filled out about 2.5 years ago but decided not to take it) and now that I've finally started I thought I would keep a blog of my progress. I'm a 23 year old female, weighing about 125 pounds and 5' 5". I've had acne since I was around 11, and have VERY oily skin. I've never been happy with my skin and I'm very self conscious of it. I've tried a number of prescriptions and over the counter drugs (T-stat, dalicin, sulpha drugs, minocin, retin-a, benzagel, Proactive, etc. etc.) but nothing has ever cleared my skin up. My last attempt was taking minocin for the past who knows how many years, in conjunction with using benzagel. I guess my acne isn't too bad most of the time, but I break out just before and during my period, and it’s ALWAYS super greasy. I've also tried numerous products to help with the oil control (murad anti-shine, smashbox anti-shine, milk of magnesia, blotting sheets) but it's still a problem for me. An hour or two after I do my makeup my face is oily and in need of some serious blotting. By the end of the day it's just gross. Soooooo... I went to the dermatologist and he said Accutane would be a good option for me and not to be too scared about going on it. I've ended up with a prescription for 40mg for two months and then I go visit him after some blood work, etc. and I guess we'll see how things are going. I'm scared that even though my acne isn't as severe as others' that I may still experience a bad initial breakout. Has anyone been on Accutane for treating mild acne and oiliness? Did you experience a bad IB? So far I've been taking 40mg for three days and I haven't noticed too much, which is to be expected. My lips feel dry and kind of like they're sunburned, and my face feels a teeny bit drier after I wash it, but that could just be me putting thoughts into my own head haha. I know they say results aren't usually seen until 1-2 months of treatment... I hope since my acne isn't horrible to begin with that maybe it will clear up faster? I'm not sure if that's at all possible, or probable... I would just love to have clear, beautiful skin for once in my life. When I've told people I'm taking Accutane they've just asked me why because they feel like I don't need it and it frustrates me. I've suffered from acne/oily skin/blackheads for 12-13 years and it isn't going away on its own, and causes me self confidence issues. It’s hard to explain to them how I feel about myself, but I guess if you've never suffered from acne than you just don't really get it to begin with. Anywhooooo... I'd just like to keep a log of my progress with Accutane and hopefully the positive results I'll experience. I'm a bit nervous but I think this really is for the best. I just want to fast forward a few months until I see the beautiful skin I know I have! Wish me luck!