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My acne is finally clearing up and I did something that was better than any acne product!

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Constipation causes acne!

I have had acne ever since I was in 6th grade! I have tried many cleansers in the drugstore such as clean & clear, clearisil, biore, etc. I have even went to the dermatologist and tried topical creams. The topical creams for a little while and then they would stop working. Then i started taking pills Mynocyclin! That worked wonders but caused hyperpigmentation. I tried Solydyn and it was amazing and cleared up my acne but that stopped working for after a while.I guess I got immune to the pills. I tried doxycycline it worked extremely well in getting redness and reduced my pimples but it gave me a yeast infection! Pills are antibiotics that kill bad and good bacteria. I have been have a constipation from every since i was in 6th grade and my aunt had told me the reason why I have acne problems is because of my internal problems! It is true! Bacteria on the inside will effect you on the outside! Constipation produces excess oil on your face also. So I started to do exercise more, drink more water, eat more fiber, eat more fruits such as prunes, and taking metamucil pills. Then I became regular and my acne, and redness was reducing significantly. I don't have severe acne anymore and my skins is not as oily! Becoming regular was one the best things I have ever done for myself! I'M SOO THANKFUL TO GOD! Constipation also causes depression and not being able to concentrate! Now that im free of that I am so happy! It is best to go everyday but every other day is good too if its not possible to go everyday. Try your best top go everyday it is better for you! & NO ACNE PRODUCT OR PILL WILL WORK IF YOU DON'T GO TO THE BATHROOM REGULARY.