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day 5

i guess its day 5,and being home alone drives one mad....have stopped BP since day 2....after getting scabs burn....its starting to peel..... with several cysts beneth the surface of my skin...i am trying various methods to bring them to a head....i am trying the method of hot compress.....just cant wait for the cysts to surface and then may be i can try to work on my scars.... but one of the biggest and most crucial factors thaat is lingering on my mind is the thought and severity of depression lingering on my mind....... fml





day 1

hello everyone... well...i am not gonna share every bit of my torturous past to bore you...but i ll just summarise my past... age 18 suffered acne for a very long time....been on accutane for 2 months recently but realised that it had serious consequences...i had constipation which could lead to worse acne later on in life and also read on how others have lost their hair in return for good skin... to gain a better view of my skin...i have posted pics of my acne condition and its scars...i understand its severe and is not for the faint hearted... well, i bascically started this blog to keep track of my progress through the acne.org's regimen with the benzoyl peroxide...etc....hopefully my acne vanishes and so that i can start on my scar treatments..... well though my expectations may be just dreams...i just wanted my experience with severe acne and depression to at least serve a reminderto those who think they have severe acne scars to think again...and treasure their life's....with that i ll end my day 1 of the acne.org's regimen ... Day1: -face has been burning red with benzoyl peroxide ,somehow i believe that it will be a good thing in the end... -scars more visible ith the hite paste of benzoyl peroxide Rebel