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My quest for *perfect*skin.

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It's a Start!

So I've finally been prescribed Accutane. My mom owns a few makeup stores, and she hired a plastic surgeon (who is INSANELY attractive for a 40-year-old...obviously not natural) to do botox and injectable fillers for her clients. So naturally I'm able to speak to him about who's a good doctor, who'll prescribe me Accutane, etc. He suggested I see his friend down in TriBeCa...I think it helped that this doctor is gay because he seemed to like and understand my overwhelming desire to be beautiful. ANYWAY he's giving me 20mg to start, and moving up to 40mg. I also saw the plastic surgeon, who says he would do my nose basically for free (no surgeon's fee, so my entire septo-rhinoplasty would cost a maximum of $2,000...which is like, free.) However, since I'm starting the Accutane this Thursday, he says I'll have to wait until six months after my course to do any major cosmetic work. He did say that he would inject my masseter muscle (jaw) with botox and that he'd fill in my undereye hollows (I'm Palestinian) before the Accutane. I asked him to also do my nasolabial folds (thanks, mom) but he said I would look funny. I'll trust him on this one. Anyway, this same plastic surgeon also does endoscopic (oooh, ahhh) brow lifts, chin implants, otoplasty (ear pinning), chemical peels, and lip augmentation....I'm pretty okay with my lips, though






Hi! I'm John, 18 years old, half Palestinian, half Irish, half oily, half red. This blog will (hopefully) motivate me with my search for perfect skin and (hopefully) entertain you. Skincare/Makeup is my passion...I can't live without either. I am not exaggerating when I say that I definitely research skin problems/solutions for at least four hours every day. Unfortunately, I've made my face my own laboratory over the past few years...it's absorbed it's fair share of chemicals. You see, I am convinced that with enough effort, and money, I can achieve absolutely flawless skin. A high expectation...but it's a goal. Everyone should have one, so I've heard. My dream skin: Completely matte, completely clear, completely pale. My current skin conditions: Oily skin. Acne. Light, diffused redness. My oily skin--partly genetic, partly due to the fact that I've severely abused my skin. My acne--partly genetic, mostly due to the fact that I have to shave my facial hair. My redness--almost entirely due to the stress I put my skin under. Partly because I'm somewhat pale for a half-Palestinian. My theoretical solutions: Oily skin--either an anti-androgen (topical spiro is one option, systemic DHT inhibitors another...etc.) or, reluctantly, Accutane. I cannot wear foundation for more than an hour at this time and that is really frustrating as I love painting my face. My acne--I will be beginning laser facial hair removal very soon, I hope. I have a free consultation tomorrow night. I'm very confused/nervous as to how the Retin-A Micro and the laser will interact. I also hope to substitute blue light therapy for benzoyl peroxide. I'm trying to limit the number of topicals I use. I suppose Accutane would also help my acne. My redness--After my laser hair removal, I would continue down the laser route with either IPL or PDL therapy to reduce the redness. I'm debating whether or not to post pictures on this blog...but I think it would help motivate me if I could see my progress. Let the improvement begin! (please!)