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The Begining

Hello, I am a 36 y.o. mother of one very active boy. I have been fighting acne since I learned how to read, not really but it feels like it. My face has took a turn for the worse after I gave birth to my son. I have tried everything, even accutane. That was way before my son was born and I can't really remember how I did on it but I don't really want to take it again. Im not a pill popper. Anyhoo, I looked at this site, order his kit and hope it will work. This humid summer heat is making me feel like I got a sheet of grease on my face. My face is so greasy I could cook an egg on it. I do all the things that I shouldn't be doing according to Dan's recommendations. Starting tomorrow I am going to make a hard effort to exercise, increase water intake decrease caffiene, better eating tips. I will try very very hard not to touch my face but I cannot promise that one, that's a tough one. Well, I hope this is helpful. See Ya.