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Worried a little

Hello everyone. I am back. I haven't blogged since last year. I am writing because I am concerned about something. I have been enjoying acne free skin through the last months. I started the treatment on August 2010, and finished in December 2010. I have got a couple of black heads that are not very noticeable, but in the last weeks I have gotten small red bumps, that only last for 1 or 2 days thanks to some samples I got from Epiduo. To me this have not been a big deal. But what hav

Last entry I am posting her

Hello everyone. Everything is fine with my face. I was done on December 13. My face has stayed clear. I am waiting until all the redness is gone and that what I am expecting to happen on the next following months. My lips are still dry. Vaseline is the only thing that helps my lips dry moisturized. I will be on a cruise on January so I hope the sun does not affect me much. I decided not to post any pictures of myself and keep them private. Take Care, I am glad I got through this.

I am almost done! Yes!

I have like two or three weeks left to finish my Accutane treatment. I finish on December 13 and I am so glad I am done with this. My face is looking awesome. I have no acne. I get little bumps once in a while but nothing crazy, but I have been clear in the previous weeks. I have been in a good mood since the holidays started, is my favorite time of the year even though I am broke lol, I am enjoying it. I am going on a cruise soon and it is something that me and my family deserves. I have been f




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Face is looking great

Face is looking great today.......... Wore my contact lenses without feeling uncomfortable, did not felt my eyes dry. I will pick up my last package (hopefully) next week. I really hope that the doctor decides not to make me take an extra month of treatment. I really can't wait to finish this. I really hope my face does not goes crazy again in the following months and years. I have been through enough in life thanks to acne. I have feel so comfortable around people now, and people

Wow face looks great today

Face looks great 2day. I only have one tiny whitehead that will pop up soon. No new break outs. Only two months left, and I am done! My mental state has been fine. I have been feeling very relaxed in spite of my work situation, but I have my hopes high. Hopefully something good will come up. I was approved unemployment benefits so at least that will help me cover the costs of health insurance. Happy Hallowen!

Close to the end

Today I got my penultimate blue light/glycolic acid treatment at the dermatologist. There is only one treatment left and I am thinking of getting it on my last month of my treatment which will be December. So far my face has cleared up a lot. I still have post-acne marks in my face but they are slowly fading. I really hope I end this on December. I still think my face needs to improve more, but there are two months left. Today I looked at my old pictures when I started the treatment and sho


i forgot to say that my face has gotten red in certain areas, like if had a rash, is that normal?

Hello again, third month coming up

So yeah, I will start my third month this week. Only two months left. I will take new pics soon, at the end of the treatment I will make all pics public. So yeah my face is not 100% clear today, I got this whiteheads but they are drying up, but no cysts, that is what matters to me really....not getting cysts. I think is normal that I got those white heads because I think I am having hormonal issues right now. I have not gotten my period in two months. This is the first time I get my period late.

Some people are just plain mean and you can't do much about it

First lets talk about my face. It has stayed clear, I got a couple of pimples near my jaw area, but they are dry now. I have not gotten my period since last month which scares me because I always been regular. I have gotten cramps this week but no period yet. How strange. I will start my 3 month in two weeks. As you can see i deleted a couple of my old posts, i don't want to have any problems with my past employer so that is why i delete it all. some people don't have nothing better to do,




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I am drinking water

I have been drinking water since I wrote my last post like an hour ago and I already went to the bathroom like three times. I feel better now. Maybe that is the problem, I am not drinking the plenty of water each day and my body is intoxicated. I will drink more later and see how I feel during the day. If the headache is gone then that is the problem.

I am worried

I have been searching information online about memory loss caused by Accutane, and I have found comments of people saying they have lost their memory permanently because of this drug. I am pretty scared because I feel I am going through that path. I work in a busy laboratory where I have to be labeling specimens, organizing patient records, and I can't make mistakes, or I will lose my job. I feel I have done well at work considering I only have 6 months of experience, so I am still learnin

I feel like crap.

I have not been feeling well lately. I have been feeling super crappy. I am not focusing well at work and it seems as I am forgetting things. I have to pay attention to every single detail at work and even though I try my best to do everything well, I am missing certain things. Some co-worker asked me if I could see well with my glasses.....these glasses are like a couple of months old, of course I do. I read someplace that Acutanne reduce the eyesight of some people. I doubt it has affected my

I forgot to say

My face does not look oily like it has been forever. This drug has made my face to look oil free during the last two weeks. My hair is also dry.

Hello there.

Hello there. This week I will finish the first month of taking Claravis. I have 6 pairs of pills left and I was told that when I had this amount remaining then I had to take a pregnancy test and do the same thing again. Today I went to the clinical lab to get my blood tests for the preg test and tomorrow I will go to the doc to get my new prescription for Claravis. Well I have been having the same side effects: Very dry lips (Eucerin Aquaphor is not helping me much. My lips are so cra

My lips look fuller......???

I have noticed that my lips have gotten fuller, in spite of the dryness that acuttane has caused them. Days ago they look cracked and broken and now they look full like if I had botox injections on them. They actually look better than they used to be before acutanne, but I am not sure if the drug causes this or if it is my constant use of Aquaphor. I apply it during my lips like 5 times a day because they get so dry. My hair looks *pretty* My sister blowed dry my hair and ironed it, she

Sleeping on the side is bad.

Hello everyone. Today I bough a medicated shampoo called T-Gel from Neutrogena, which is for itchy, dry scalp with flakes. I said I already had a shampoo for that called Denorex but that shampoo has been in my house since a long time, it is old and I bough it for a dollar , so it must be expired.....I read good things about this shampoo in this forum so I watched my hair today with this shampoo. I hope this permanently solve this problem that is driving me crazy. My face looks better, bu

I have somewhat relieved the itching in my scalp

Last night I could not sleep AT ALL because of the itching in my scalp. I woke up and went to my parents bathroom like at 12am or 1 am, and grabbed a bottle of conditioner (trying not to wake them up) , because I did not had in my bathroom and I put a huge amount in my hair, the itching keep going and my mother who is an angel came to my room and asked me what was wrong and told me to pour some Witch hazel in my hair, in my country it is known as Wonder Water (Maravilla Lotion from Humphreys) .

AHHHHHHHH the itching does not stop

My whole body is itching me, since my body is getting very dry from this drug. Even my ears are itching. Today I went to Walgreen's to buy some remedies. Tomorrow I will finish my first package. My face looks more clearer compared to two days ago when my face looked like it had the planetarium. Now they look small and dry. I can't wait until they are gone completely. My mother says my face looks lighter (whiter) but I still have not noticed that, maybe because I am focusing on the acne, and the

One with with Accutane (Claravis)

So I finally finished a week of taking Accutane. Oh wow what a day. My hair and scalp has been itching all day like crazy. My lips have gotten more dry. My face is less oily and feels more tight and dry. I had to put some epiduo on a huge cyst that has been driving me insane even though my doctor advised me not to use it but I was not going to make a fool of myself with that huge cysts that was filled with pus, and it still has some, but it got smaller and is drying. I took pics of it yesterday

Day 7

I started to feel dryness in my lips, if I feel like this all weekend it means that this is one of the side effects of the drug. Days ago I felt like my lips were dry but it sees it was a false alarm, now they are starting to bother. My face looks dry but it was because I got a glycolic acid treatment yesterday .My skin is still oily.My pimples look very bad. I feel like this is my initial break out but I am not sure because as I said I was on my period last week and some appeared before I start

Day 6: Original Accutane V.S Claravis (Generic Drug)

Hello everyone I am writing today. I went to the dermatologist today to get my monthly (blue light and glycolic acid treatment), and the doctor's assistant who did my treatment today asked me if I got the right medicine.....and I told her that I had difficulty finding Accutane at different pharmacies, and only one had Claravis, (the generic drug), and she told me again that I should try to order Accutane online through a Canadian pharmacy because I can get it cheaper. I just have to send my

Day 5

Hello everyone, this is the 5th day of my treatment with Claravis. I call it also Accutane because it has the same chemicals, and everybody knows Accutane more. What a day! I came from work hours ago and I realized that I took the lunch bag of someone else by mistake, it looks exactly like mine, same colors, blue and black, same brand........ugh, the things that happen in life. No wonder I have so much acne. I stress about the silliest things....well......maybe the owner of the lunch bag I




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Another quick update

I said before that Acutanne has made me feel more sleepy but it has not affected my performance at work during the day, nor my mood. I still feel the same. I don't feel down, but at 7:00pm I felt asleep at the couch, and it is 8:24pm and I want to go to sleep. I feel the desire to sleep early and I don't know if it's the medication or because I am tired from work.....that is weird because I am leaving early. My lips started to feel a litle dry but not to the extreme. I have Aquaphor lip bal

First Post- Day 4

Hello everyone. I decided to start a blog to write about my progress. I still have pimples and cysts all over my face (cheek, forehead......everywhere), but I noticed that some of them got darker, don't know why. I use Sunscreen evey morning SPF 55, (Walgreen's brand). I sometimes use a spray sunscreen from walgreens also 70 SPF. I noticed that spray sunscreen makes my face look less oily. The purpose is the same as ordinary sunscreen so pff........ I scheduled an appointment with the
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