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My acne...

I'm 14 (I know, that's young...) but I've had acne since I was 7 and it hasn't had a clear day yet. My skin is combination, and whenever I wear make up for a few days my skin is dry, and when I go without make up it makes my skin oily. Whenever I wash my face, it dries out and I break out very bad. And whenever I don't my skin stays kind of clear, but still bumpy and uneven. I've even tried soap-free cleansers because my skin is so sensative. But nothing has seemed to make my skin completely clear. And I hate to have to stick with ALMOST clear, but never COMPLETELY clear. And all of my friends at school had acne for like a year, and then it stopped and completely cleared up of course. And since I'm in high school, everyone is so judgmental about appearances. I just get made fun of all the time, and it really kills my confidence. I just want to be able to not be embarrassed to go in public with no make up, or get in the pool without the fear of my make up washing off, or going for a run without having to worry about my make up running down my face, or go out with some friends without being the ugliest one there. I've been so frustrated that I've just given up for the past few months. I've been to the dermotologist many times, and everything has just made it absolutely terrible. And I've been going to a modeling agency, and whenever they do photo shoots, they can photoshop my acne out, but I can't do runway because of my acne and all the bright lights will just make it more noticeable. I'm just ready for it to all go away. Any suggestions on how it can clear up?