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Okay! my first blog here well, i have a derm appt soon and i want to ask him about Epiduo. I have been reading reviews, and i kinda want to try it.. oh and i am a 15 yr old female, i have moderate acne, and i break out kinda often. I really would like to hear more success stories so i feel better haha i have only been to a derm once before a while ago, and he prescribed me to Differin (this was like 2 years ago.) It worked well with my skin, but i just stopped using it. I don't know why haha but I might go on that again too so tell your stories about it. I am currently using proactiv and im just done, it doesnt even work very well for me, hah. So anyways, please tell me your stories about using Epiduo/ or Differin, im new here! Thanks so much!