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Hot Days

It was 105* today in my city. What the hell?! I'm right next to the ocean too. Jeez. I don't have a lot of time to post an update like I usually would, but I do have time to show you my progress with the regimen by way of some pictures. So with that said, here they are: Face (I'm wearing a fake monocle and hat...can you tell?) Back (See what a month can do?) So yeah, don't give up. Keep going and keep moving forward. There was a period about two week





3 Years and a Few Weeks In the Making...

I'm b-....yeah. That was so 3 weeks ago. I'm here again, and looking even sexier than last week. How is that possible you ask me? It's simple! It's the Regimen! Dan Kern's Acne.org Regimen, to be specific. So, let me give you an idea of how my past few weeks have been going, since I made that first blog post. Essentially, I've been following the regimen as strict as I possible with a few exceptions. There have been days where I've missed it due to laziness or oth





3 Years in the Making...

HelllllloooOOOO. I'm baaaAAAACK. I put emphasis on back, because of all the acne that's been going crazy back there. Hah. Look, I need to get this off my BACK... It keeps coming BACK... Guess who's back...back again... Back with Andre' the Giant, Mr. Elephant Tusk... BACNEEEE. Enough of the back jokes already! I've been registered here for a few years now and if there's one thing I've learned about acne and myself it is that we are both persistent as all hell. My




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