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It's just not clean!!

I would like to know what cleaners actually clean your face. The reason I am asking is that I have recently tried Neutragina's skin ID line, the oil pulling method, and other cleansers, and thought my face was clean. I reached over and tried my friends OXY pads, and was alarmed to see grime on the pad that came off of my, what I THOUGHT was clean, face. It lead me to just using the oxy pads, because I had proof of a clean face when done. The pad was clean=my face was clean. I think the pads are too strong for my face. I tried rinsing off the medicine after. I want a product that is more gentle than oxy, but will actually clean my face too. I have pretty bad adult acne, and I am beginning to think that it is simply because my face is dirty when I think it is clean. Gross. Any recommendations on what to use, that REALLY cleans? I'd like to make a sweep with the Oxy pad after I wash, and no grime comes off on the pad. Of course, then I could trust my face is getting clean and omit the pad all together. Thanks




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