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Hi Guys, I've been suffering with acne for 4 years. (I know not as long as most people) Today's my first day of using PanOxyl 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxid. I used it this morning after my wash and applied it the same way that Dan did with the acne.org benzoyl peroxid. So far my skin feels normal and there isn't any redness. At the moment I have like 4 small kind of flat spots on my right cheek, and on my left cheek my skin is flat but there are a few red marks (not sure if they're scars or not gonna get that checked) which have been there since christmas 2009. I also have blackheads on my nose. I used to have a larger black head right in the centre of my nose and it went all crusty and the whole lot came off which has unfortunatly left a small hole in the centre of my nose, ew right? So here is what I'm gonna do: Have a wash using No.7 Gentle Foaming Cleaners (sounds classy)
Apply PanOxyl
Drink plenty of water
Eat plenty of fruit and Veg
Cut back on the crisps and sweets
I've also heard that some Bio Oil stuff is good for clearing up acne scars... might give that a go. Anyolne know if it's any good? Hopefully this will work. Fingers crossed guys!

kayla :)

kayla :)