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Week 6 of Tazorac and Benzaclin

Well today was my 6week check up with my Derm and unfortunately I still have not seen any results yet. I'm so frustrated because by now I expected to see something but I'm not giving up yet! The doctor seemed to really be pushing Accutane on me and I'm not sure if I want to take this pill yet. Ive heard good things about it but all the possible side effects scare me. Well I think 12 is my magic number, if I don't see any results in 6 more weeks I'm probably gonna start to think about other options. I'm just so so so so tired of having to deal with acne, it seems like every part of my life is consumed with the thought of my face and how it does not look right and how insecure it makes me feel. I'm just sick of it! TTYL





Week 3 of Tazorac and Benzaclin

Hi guys, this has been a very difficult week for me. I have noticed that my acne has gotten worse, I was told that this would probably happen but I was hoping that this was a symptom that would skip over me. I started using the Cetaphil face wash and the cream for dry skin. The dry skin cream I apply at night before I apply the Tazorac. This has really helped me with the dryness and the peeling. I'm going to continue with my regimen hopefully I start to see some results soon. I see the dermatologist on Sept 8th so hopefully I start to see something by then. I will keep u guys posted TTYL





Week 2 of Tazorac and Benzaclin

I'm a brown skinned African American women who is 28 years old, I've had acne since I've been about 14. I'm on my second week of a regimen of CeraVe face wash in the A.M. then Benzaclin. I use CeraVe moisturizing lotion for the dry skin, and Tazorac cream in the P.M before bed. I also take 1 Doxycycline 100mg at night before bed. The only improvement so far is the fact that my pimples are coming and leaving a lot faster. My pimples would stay on average about two weeks but now I'm noticing that they come and go within about four days. My dark spots from old scarring looks like it's starting to fade also. There is still a lot of pimples though. My skin is dry and I'm thinking about switching over to Cetaphill lotion and Cetaphill face wash too, I've heard good things about it. I'll update you guys soon TTYL!