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my accutane story

I've had acne for roughly 8 years now and have tried everything on the market from tetracycline, to doxycycline, to benzoyl peroxides, to oxy pads, pro activ, but the list goes on and on. About august of last year i had talked to my dermotologist about accutane considering it was my "last resort pill" to see if it would help revive my skin from cystic acne. I went through with it knowing the possible side effects hoping the acne would go away becuase i had just started highschool at the time. I was put on the i pledge program and was told to eat the special diet to keep my skin and body regulated with healthy foods. My skin had cleared up about 30 % within the first month and it seemed as if someone had hit the pause button shortly after because nothing seemed to happen. My derm said nothing was happening because i was on 80mg of the medication, and it was too much for my skin. Soon after the doctor mentioned that, i had a horrible break out with more cystic acne. My derm lowered the mg to 40mgs 20 in the morning and 20 at night and it seemed as if that started to work.. but once again it felt like someone had put the pause button on the treatment. About the 17th week of being on the medication i started having alot of joint pain in both of my feet and had reconsidered stopping the medicine, but I went on ahead and continued taking it until the 20th week. My derm said I had been on the medication longer than usual and that I was to have no more. My acne had cleared up about 45% while on accutane and shortly after stopping the medicine it cleared up even more. As of last month i was 60% clear and it felt good to know that the majority of the acne left was just scars. I recently started running track and cross country about a month ago and I sweat very bad especially with the humidity and the heat, and ive started noticing my skin is starting to break out again around my forehead and chin(both areas had become clear while on accutane.) Im starting to worry that doing sports and sweating so badly is going to bring my acne back and never fully recover. Anyways the other night i had gone and visited my family and my cousin is a little girl about 5 years old and she came up to me and told me that i had acne and i said yes, i know... is it bad? ,and her response was"its nasty.. its all over your face and it makes you ugly." Im not a very self concious person when it comes to acne, but when a relative told me that, my heart wanted to sink knowing everything i had gone through seemed to be going down the drain. Usually when i layout by the pool, some of the acne clears up but other than that its continuing to worsen to the point where i have no idea what else to do and I really need help. comments are appreciated and thanks for reading my story. sincerely cfsmiami.