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Starting at Square One...AGAIN

How can I be excited? Let me let you get to know me. My name is Alicia. I just turned 20 and since I have been stuggling with acne (moderate) for the past 8 years, I have decided to emark on the quest to end it, for good, so this decade can be nice and clear. Although I've had acne for 8 years, it hasn't always been horrible. In the early years it was a few pimples here and there. In high school it was on and off. Grade 8 and 9 were bad years. Acne covered the majority of my face at most points. In grade 10 and 11 I experimented with Proactiv and antibiotics, and my face (ALMOST) cleared up. At some point my dermatologist put me on birth control to control my acne. I was delighted. Within the firtst few months, everything started to clear up. My face, my bacne, everything. Entering Grade 12, I was thrilled. Grad photos, prom, commencement, all of that would be a breeze without acne. In November of my last year of Grade 12 I recieved a phone call from my dermatologist. Because I was on birth control, it was required that I get regular blood work. My dermatologist informed me that something was terribly wrong with my blood work and that I should head tomy family doctor as soon as possible. Lets flash back to the end of Grae 10 for a moment. I came home from school one day and found my Dad collapsed and paler than I'd ever seen him. He was shaking in pain and I immediately called 911. What we thought was a heart attack turned out to be a genetic condition which caused my Dad's spleen to explode. He flatlined on the operating table twice, but survived and today is better than ever. Anyways, the next day, sitting in my family doctor's office I learned that I have the same gentic condition as my Dad. Even though I am a petite girl for my age, my cholesterol is that of a 250 pound middle-aged man. I work out, I eat fairly healthy, but naturally I have a high cholesterol and enlarged spleen. I was immediately taken off birth control. It was slowly adding to my cholesterol, and if it went any higher, at the age of 17 I was subject to a potential heart attack. After saying goodbye to the birth control, my acne returned in full force. I managed to finish my grade 12 year with moderate acne controlled by BP. In the summer before my first-year of university I stopped consuming dairy. I cut out milk and cheese wherever I could. I was more careful with my diet and my face cleared up beautifully. But then, like a tornado, first-year university hit and with that, the worst acne of my life. At first I thought it was the stress of living away from home in a dorm room. Then I thought it was the meal plan I was subjected to at the cafeteria. Then I thought it was the alcohol I was drinking. This time it wasn`t just my face, it was my back, my shoulders and my chest. And it hasn`t gone away since. I`m starting my third-year of university in a month and I am on a quest to wear v-necks, and tank tops again. This is my blog. I hope you read and track my progress! Were in this together!