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Week one of regimen

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I have had flu and have not been on here so need to update on here and take some week 5 pictures. will do that when I am feeling better, Looking so much better though acne wise. so much better! I would say my face is now 90% clear. all I have now is 4 slowly clearing lumps on one side of my jawline. a tiny little spot on my cheek but thats it. I am a little scared to be too happy too soon, but this is the best my skin has looked in 10 months. The best treatment in 10 months over retin a cream and lymcycline for 3 months. the benzoyl peroxide has worked 100 times more effectivly than those treatments. But patience is the key to this regimen. PATIENCE IS SO IMPORTANT WITH THE BP REGIMEN! I am on week 5 now, I have been through sore flaky bright red skin, overusing the bp too much too early. not using jojoba oil as I couldn't find anywhere that sold it and I dont have a credit card so internet shopping is out for me. week 4 my skin was sooooo dry flaky and sore and i finally found a local health shop that sold jojoba oil, it was expensive but so worth it. my skin is so soft now and flakiness has gone completely. I recomend you use jojoba oil I really do. I squeeze out my moisturizer into my hand after applying BP then drip 4-5 drops of jojoba oil into my hand and then mix the moisturizer and oil together with my finger then apply the mixture to my face. I don't rub it in too much, I find it's better to let it sink in on it's own. the oil really was a life saver though because I nearly stopped using the BP because of the flaking and dryness. But its gone now. YOU MUST STICK WITH THE REGIMEN, I BROKE OUT SEVERELY IN WEEK 3 AFTER AN INITIAL IMPROVEMENT, I NEARLY GAVE UP ON IT. Week 2 got better a little improvement and I thought this is great, then week 3 a major relapse and acne actually got worse and I started to give up hope. my mother though told me to give it at least 2 months before I give up. she was right, because the end of week 4 and now mid week 5 my acne is unbeliveably so much better and I am now not minding looking in the mirror. I even treated myself to some new eyeshadow and lipstick the other day because I feel and look better now and am interested again now in looking pretty. I wasn't when my acne was bad, i couldn#t care anymore to sit and do my make up. I did because I wouldn't go out without it on, but it was a chore. Now I am actually admiring my soft clearer skin in the mirror. PLEASE STICK WITH THE REGIMEN FOR AT LEAST 8 WEEKS! Nothing else has worked on my moderate to severe acne but the regimen has got me smiling again so don't give up because it can get worse before it improves. It can even improve then get worse before it gets betters. WILL POST PHOTOS OF WEEK 5 WHEN I AM OVER THIS FLU. I think it's important to show other how bad my skin was and how improved it is now.





week 1 of regimen

I have had acne now since I was 18, am now 30. I have tried everything! I was on minocycline for 10 years nearly, which worked quite well but never made me acne free. The last 2 years on it my acne cleared up completely and I thought that was it it was forever gone. But it came back severely late last year and worse than I had ever had it I went on a medical trial to have pulsed dye lazer treatment which made no difference. I then was started on lymocycline for 3 months with no effect at all and retin a cream with no effect. I went to a skin clinic to see about lazer therapy but it was too expensive with no guarentee it would work. I spent £60/$100 on cream and lotion there which worked by blocking hormone sensetivity in your skin, it helped but then had no effect after 4 weeks. I refuse roaccutane as my doctor scared the hell out of me saying it can cause suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety and fatigue...well I have M.E so I do not want anything to add to my condition so I wouldn't take it no matter how severe my acne is. I consider my acne pretty severe now, it really does affect my confidence and I will not leave the house without full make up. i feel ugly, dirty and even with make up on I have blood and serum coming out of my face on some of my angry spots. so even with make up I still dont feel alot better. I have lots of scars now, red marks and holes in my face I think I look awful! I hate going out in daylight as it shows all of my imperfections, at least at night I dont have bright light on my face! Now I have just been prescribed oxytetracycline but have no taken it yet as I have nothing to lose with trying the regimen. Am on day 3 now. And I made an error as didn't read the regimen fully and my own fault used too much BP so I have a very red face right now and it feels very warm and sore. It does feel dry, but I have been using a non perfumed, non colored alcohole free rich moisturizer so it is dry but not flaky which I had when I used BP years ago (I lasted a few days on it because of the dryness) But I am going to stick to this as I have nothing else to try and nothing to lose. Going to try and add my starting photos to this now! 3 days in, only 2 new spots have appeared, painful ones...but its better than 4 new spots a day! Note: this is the worst my acne has ever been in 10 years!