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Making a blog about my accutane journey. :)

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10 days after stopping accutane. feel horrible.

In the last 10 days I have been to an emergicare, a hospital clinic, and a hospital. and.. no one knows what's wrong with me. I've had blood work done, been given mulitple medications, and had an UPPER GI and small intestine xray. All the tests look normal. But they said i should not be having these feelings and want me to be looked at my a specialist. So i'm being sent to a GI specialist. What i'm feeling: tired. stomach aches/burns/cramps. Painful bowel movements/pain when passing stools. (horrible pains) occasional blood in stool. weakness. sore throat. I got sick for the first time at school today. nausea/heat flashes. My stomach feels like someone is squeezing it constantly. Not fun. I hope they figure out what's wrong soon. ughh. Seeing my derm tomorrow to see what we're going to do. All I know is i'm going to tell him i don't want to take anymore oral medication until my stomach gets better! and i don't want to try accutane again this is horrible. (this is not to discourage anyone from taking accutane, this is an amazing drug! i'm just one of the few people who's body couldn't handle it.) So to anyone who is currently on it or planning on taking it i wish you the best of luck! and hope this drug works wonders for you.

Went to emergicare last night! :(

I've been having excruciating abdominal pain the last two days.. and then i noticed blood coming from down there so i went to the emergicare last night at 9. The doctor there said i have gastrocolitis = inflammation of the stomach/bowels. He gave me medicine. I'm going to my reg doctor hopefully thursday to get it checked out more and hopefully get sent somewhere to get an ultrasound. I'm really scared and i hope it's not leading to like IBS or Chrohns like in the accutane warning. THis is sooo painful. I called my dermatologists office today but my derm wasn't in but i talked to the nurse she said she'd have him call me tomorrow and to stop taking all acne medication until i talked to him. The doctor at the emergicare said it's probably due to all the antibiotics i've taken in the past for my acne but to check with my dermatologist to see what he says.. so this probably means i'm going to be taken off accutane and i'm hoping i'm not stuck with some colon disease the rest of my life.




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Day 77.

So just as my skin was getting better.. i started breaking out again.. around the mouth/chin/lower cheek areas. I've got this gross on on my lip (from all the aquaphor i'm guessing) two big ones on my left cheek. and a about four on my right cheek. had one between my eyebrows that one dried out in like 3 days. I'm still blackhead free! my lips are dry as usual. Oh and i bought this HUGE container of the Walmart version of Aquaphor. An actual bottle of Aquaphor costed me about $7 (half the size) and i got this container for $8. Such a good deal. I'm getting rashes on my right arm pretty gross. looks scaly. (dry skin) hair still seems oily to me honesly? just seems like normal. I have cuts all over my body. Mood is good. But when someone makes me irritated i have NO problem letting them know how i feel.. so unlike me. haha; But other than that school is going good. I get sidetracked quite often but my grades are doing okay. Been verrrrryyy tired! I've got a lot going on and not enough sleep, i'm getting insomnia and some nights I wake up every two hours especially lately. Also this course is driving me broke.. So a warning to everyone who is thinking of taking this medication it is very very expensive! Even with insurance. Without insurance it's about $380.00 = 40mg. With insurance I pay about $85. and next month my dosage is going to be 80mg.. so i'm looking at about $170 for ONE month with insurance coverage.. plus my birth control which last month i paid $50!




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Day 68.

Skin is doing great! I have few actives but alot of pigmentation. because my skin is clearing up i've noticed all my scarring from past acne on my face. :/ which sucks but i mean at least my skin is clearing up! I ordered Emu Oil from amazon the other night just got it today! so i'm going to use it tonight and see how it works and if it helps with the redness and scarring. anxiety attacks have stopped! and my mood has been so much better! i am sooo thirsty constantly and aqaphor is keeping my lips in pretty good shape.. for being on accutane of course. lol. joint pains! and still tired alot. headaches here and there but i think it's from being thirsty alot. and.. my appetite throughout this whole thing has been crazy! i'm always hungry i've actually put on a few pounds. haha; oh andthe whole exercising thing.. yeah they're not kiddin if i run lot oh man.. ouch! i like limp. and all the stairs at school are killing me! i sould clarify that yes my skin is getting much better! but i am still having a few things pop up here and there. oh and the eye dryness.. my eyes get soooooo much dryyer now after naps my contact dried up at school after i took a nap between classes and i had to throw it out because it was too dried out and wouldnt go back in so i went to english being able to see out of one eye. lol. Any questions let mee know! wish me luck on the emu oil thing!

Day 61.

Went for my montly check up today. I told my dermatologist that i've been getting upset the last few days and he asked me if i wanted to stop the accutane. i obviously said no.. and so he suggested that i stay at the 40mg(1x a day) instead of taking it (2x a day which was the plan this month) and they want to keep an eye on how i'm feeling and also to stay on clindamycin as well. So i'm hoping to just get plenty of exercise and try to relax more. I dropped my math class so i'm back down to full time (12 credit hours) instead of 15. So i'm sure that's going to help. He also injected some of the deep pimples with cortisone i had on my face because he was really concerned about them. ALSO: i should add my regular derm wasn't at that specific locatoin that day so i seen a different one. My mood has gotten a little better, i felt pretty depressed yesterday but i went for a walk on the trail by my house and felt better. My body is full of scrapes and all sorts of scars probably because your skin is so fragile on this stuff. Around blemishes i still remain dry and i'm still tired/having a hard time focusing and am having constant back pain. and occasional neck/leg pains.

Day 56. BAD anxiety attack today. again.

Day 56. I had a horrible horrible anxiety attack today. i had to go down to my advisors office today and i had a melt down and couldn't breathe properly. The reason i got so upset was becuase i'm not understanding my math. I cried in the library when doing my hw. In my advisors office. i stopped once, then started again. When i went to meet with my Math teacher. When i went to talk to my friend about it.. and i got so upset i .. threw up. and later tonight when i was talking to my parents about it. i had a migraine all day.. i'm not blaming it ALL on accutane.. but i'm sure a good portion of it is due to that since it lowers your seritonin levels. ever since i've been on it i've been alot more sensitive than lately.. my advisor said maybe i should take some medicine or talk to someone to help with the anxiety because i took a test today evaluating my anxiety and it said i have severe anxiety.




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Day 53. Another update.

So just another random update. I just thought i should add today i noiced my skin looked a little odd.. like almost wrinkly looking on my hands. when i got home i noticed there were red bloches all over them! so.. i put some hydrocortisone creme we have so i hope it helps out. i'm guessing it's from the dryness also my arms look like scalyish. yuck.. thank goodness it's chilly here. so hoodies and sweat pants cover that stuff up. it's also much harder to make makeup look decent.. because of the dryness it drys out around blemishes and yeah.. there's no covering those babies up. i use two types of moisturizer in the morning and bareminerals primer/foundation and it's making my skin look matte. but not around the blemishes.. so i just got to reomember this stuff is working in my system and hope it starts getting better in month three.

Month 2. Week 7. Day 51.

40mg Accutane 150mg clindamycin Quick update. My skin is breaking out (nothing i'm not used to) but they're all along the center part of my face.. and chin area yuck. i've been getting pretty big monster ones. as for the lips.. they stopped peeling! it was horrible! so gross and embarassing. but right now.. they're just very red. everyone at work kept thinking i had lipstick on.. lol. but other than that if i don't put moisturizer on at night my skin dries out. Oh and to help the lips AQUAPHOR! it took a few days to really kick in... but it really helped! and i drank tons of water! -Peace & Love. (:

Week 6. Day 46. Dry Lip Hell

Day 46 40mg accutane (morning) 150mg clindamycin (night) My lips are in.. i guess you'd call it HELL right now. i'm not just talking dryness.. i'm talking peeling, burning and redness. it looks nasty like my lips were throw in a meat grinder! i've been applying aquaphor but i think i've got to start drinking even more water now. because i've been constantly drinking water since i got out of school and my throat hurts like it's dry. I thought i could deal with the dryness but this is seriously making me so self conciece about my lips. i can't stand looking at them. and i avoided looking at people all day.. As for the skin it seems to be getting better. i get a few pimples here and there but not as bad as it was before. That's about it for now. if anyone has any advice on the lipsif you could please message or comment. thanks.

Week 5. Day 40.

Week 5 Day 40. Claravis (Accutane) 40mg a day. Clindamycin [oral] at night. Wow can't believe this Friday will be week 6. Time is flyyying by, and skin is doing a lot better! i have a few actives on my face but nothing to what it was since i've been on accutane. Blackheads on nose are pretty much gone for the most part but i still have those pesky white heads that popped up and a few zits of course. I went and got that cortisone shot and the 3 that they injected are gone.. but.. that one i've had for like years now that comes and goes is coming back. i'm prob going to have to get it surgically removed after my treatment. so that def. sucks BIG TIME. My skin is SO sensitive i ve all these scrapes and scratches all over my hands from when i helped roof last weekend it looks gross like i have a disease. I've still been washing my hair every other day unless it looks weighed down then i wash it everyday i just put alot of conditioner. As of dryness.. the aquaphor has been working wonders so far i reapply about now.. maybe once an hour? if i'm lucky.. compared to every 15 min. with the burts bees. My skin drys up alot over/around blemishes and skin peals so much easier over the scab! i'll wash my face with just my hands and when i'm done the scabs have come off.. Lots and lots of body aches. back and legs and sometimes neck. i got a charlie horse through my leg the other night! OUCH! i've been craving lots of sweets i noticed! not good.. but other than that.. everything's about the same. What i'm taking: Morning Prilosec Accutane Night: Clindamycin Loestrin 24 & Fish Oil.




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Week 4. Day 33.

Day 33. 40mg Accutane. (morning) Clindamycin [oral] (evening) BLACKHEADS on nose are 95% gone. (: i haven't had a blackhead free nose since like .. 7th grade?! The two cysts never went down with the inflamattin shot in my hip. So on my regular monthly visit i got a cortisone shot in the two cysts plus another two active pimples. Didn't hurt that much surprisingly and 4 days later they are FLAT. these things were Mountains now just some pigmentation and kind of like bruising type look where they were. but.. i'd take that over mountains. Not that many actives right now a few but. i have alot of pigmentation from the old acne. but.. rather that than bumps. my skin is DRY DRY DRY especially around blemishes. everyday i have to put lotion on my arms in the morning or i look scaly. and the lips! ... i swear every 20 min... reapply. the burts bees was doing it's job until today.. i went and bought some aquaphor lets see how that does. I'm still taking 40mg. He was gonna bump me up to 2 pills a day but.. he decided to keep me on clindamycin as well. but instead of rotating days.. i take accutane in the morning and clindamycin at night. They said that will help with the breakouts i just hope it doesn't cause damage! Hair is not as oily i can go 2 days without washing it.. but i prefer to wash everyday it just feels gross. Back pain still continuing, thirsty and i can't concentrate in Math like at all... i hope that doesn't get worse. bcuz even when ppl are talking to me i seem to get really side tracked.. But other than that my skin is better than the last update and dryness has def kicked in more. Thanks for reading and for all those other accutane users or people with acne we're gonna get better!

Day 22. Inflammation shot today

Day 22. 40mg Claravis (Accutane) I went to the derm today because of that HUGE cyst I have. I was hoping to get a cortisone shot. but instead i got an inflammation shot on my hip. let me tell you.. most akward thing ever... haha; i thought i was going to just get poked on my hip. nope.. i had to bend over and she pulled my pants down! uhmm.. haha; well anyways the nurse said that it will help with the redness and inflammation on my face. so i'm hoping it will help with my flare ups on my face right now. but MOST IMPORTANTLY the Cysts that have joined together. he also told me to only take it everyother day (accutane) and on the other days to take clindamycin i'm hoping that's to help with the IB. I go back next friday for my monthly appointment, today was just one of those 'emergency freak out look at my face it's bad!' appointments. lol. other than that my face is getting better! my forhead has NO actives. and my right cheek has a few but their for the most part getting flatter. My lips are much dryer! and the corners are DRY DRY DRY. blackheads are still purging themselves out and horrible back pains. Semi dry skin nothing HORRIBLE just in certain spots and it's like dry spots you get in the winter time.

Day 20.

Day 20. 40mg Claravis. (accutane) So to make the swelling of my blemishes go down i've been using honey (apply with a Q-tip & leave on about 15 min) then i rinse it off with water. After that i mix asprin & water to form like a chunky watery substance place that over my blemishes & leave it on overnight. which seems to be working very well! or.. it could be a mixture of that and accutane. ;p I got this weird red patch next to my mouth by the corner crease of my mouth! ugh. it's red and idk what it is! bc i've never had like a cold sore or anything. i'm guessing it's really dry skin. so i put some aquaphor on it. and have been reapplying hope it heals soon. not really breaking out anymore. but i still have that HUGE CYSTS on my left cheek which has acutally become two in one. My nose still has TONS of blackheads and feels like sandpaper. and my skin is noticeably drying out! in a way it's nice because my makeup application is so much better. because i don't have to blot my skin constantly but at night it flakes. I am constantly puttin burts bee's on my lips which is working great! no cracks or like severly dry lips. just feel dry. My face is constantly itchy which sucks cuz i hate touching my face without washing my hands first. and skin on body has been itchy. EXTREME back pain constantly! but like i've stated before i've done physical therapy for it 2 years ago so it's already bad as it is. but it is just extremely painful with my backpack. (& fyi i have a special backpack to be easy on your back.. not exactly working lol) Regimen. Morning: Meds 40mg Claravis 1000mg Fish Oil Loestrin 24 Prilosec (acid reflux) [Face] Ceptahil antibacterial bar for dry sensitive skin Olay Complete Moisturizer for sensitive skin Makeup Bare Minerals Primer Mirabella Mineral Concealer Bare Minerals Foundation Bare Minerals Mascara Other Products Used throughtout day Blink Drops For dry eyes & contact wearers Aquaphor (for extremely dry spots and to prevent nosebleeds) Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm ((Recommend) Hair Dryness/scalp Head & Shoulders shampoo & Conditioner in 1. Tresemme color shampoo. Tresemme dry hair repair conditioner. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave in Conditioner (prior to drying hair) Night. Cetapl Antibacterial Bar for Dry sensitive skin. Clean & Clear Astringent for sensitive skin. Honey Spot Treatment. Cetaphil Ultra hydrating moisturizer for dry sensitive skin. (dry spots only) Asprin Spot Treatment.

Week 2. Day 17. Anxiety Attack.

Day 17. 40mg Claravis. So my mom threatened to take me off accutane today. why? because i had a BAD anxiety attack today. i'm thinking it's nerves because i have my first day of college tomorrow & the AC went out in our house.. and if you know Nebraska you know how HUMID it is! so i'm thinking the heat def had a big role. but i seriously cried for like an hour straight.. over anything. so idk if it's the accutane i don't think that would effect me this soon?? but idk everyones different. so she's gonna watch me the next few days.. she said if it happens again we're gonna take to my Dermatologist. So i'm hoping it's just nerves about tomorrow. I've also been getting bloody noses! Gah! With dryness just around my nose. very dry at night. but i put some ceptaphil ultra hydrating lotion and it's gone. BLACKHEADS EVERYWHERE ON MY NOSE! omgosh! yuck. never had so many. lips are starting to get like idk how to describe it like a thin layer that comes off after i wash it. but they don't feel like chapped. now if i don't put chapstick on for like two hours.. i regret it. i am very very thirsty. and have been getting a headache at least once a day. very sensitive to the sun. oh and my skin is starting to clear up! i have no actives on my forehead. a few on my cheeks but they're flat. except for this monster on my left cheek that just doesn't want to go away. it's HUGE! reminds me of that mole that guy has on Austin Powers Gold Member! haha; oh and the honey for spot treatement! def think it's working. or.. maybe it's the accutane. lol. but anywho i'm gonna keep doing it cuz it doesn't dry me out! and things seem to be going well with it. also bought fish oil tonight! My hair is dryyyyy! i feel bad for straightening it! Random Fact I love all types of Music. && i can't live without my IPhone. I have to listen to music to fall asleep.




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Week 2. Day 14.

Day 14 40mg Claravis (Accutane) So the swelling from the massive breakout i got when i started accutane has STARTED to go down. i'm still covered in a bunch of cysts though on my cheeks! i did a little picking at two pimples today not gonna lie. but only the ones that were popping themselves. not the cysts! I'm gonna try something new tonight, i'm going to try puttin honey on my blemishes. i've read in several places that this actually helps, so we'll see i'll let you guys know how it went. My skin still is only dry around my nose. lips are fine. joints pains in my back constantly & some in my legs when i was at work today. The shine has definetly gone down in my face so i think it's starting to make some of the oil go away. my scalp is still dry but is manageble with head & shoulders. So i'm gonna post a picture up of me with no makeup with my bad breakout which is hard for me to do. haha; but.. i've got to not let this thing control my life. and i want to show my progress. But everytime i try to do it it doesn't work?? Random Fact I work at a Horsetrack which also serves as a Bar/Restaruant. Where I buss and help as a food runner. (not old enought to serve alcohol) . but i like my job.

Day 12

Day 12 40mg Claravis (Accutane) Horrible itchyness on my nose today! i think my blackheads are DEF purging! idk if i should discontinue putting makeup on my nose? (i use Bare Minerals makeup) but it's soooo itchy and feels so gross! also i can feel the little bumps! I have this massive pimple (aside from all the other ones ) on my right cheek and it kinda just popped itself. so i gently pushed some excess stuff out of it and immediately put astringent and cleaned around the area and put spot treatement on it. hope that will make it go down a little. Also when i wash my face my blemishes start to bleed? and i wash with my hand and don't press hard. Been putting on chapstick like at least once an hour. still no cracks yet. i was working out today 10 min in i had to stop because of alot of pains in my calves! i felt pretty ridiculous. lol. Random Fact I have a younger brother who is selectively mute. he is 16 and hasn't spoken regularly since he was four. (He fells on cement when playing and broke ALL his front teeth) He speaks only when necessary and only to select people.

Day 11.

Day 11. 40mg Claravis So i think i figured out why i was having weird chest feelings. i've been forgetting to take my acid reflux medicine for the last few days. i thought it was finally gone. guess not. So the DRY LIPS ARE finally kicking in! i was out all day and i swear like every 30min. i've had to reapply. when i'm done with this i gotta cake some on. Like they're not DRY. but they're getting that weird feeling where you know they're gonna dry out and crack. so i'm trying to prevent that from happening! Also dry scalp! i bought some head and shoulders & Tresemme like ultra hyrdating shampoo and conditioner. My hair is still oily but it's not as oily as usual i'm still taking a shower everyday as usual. I've def been sooo much sleepier! and i've taken a two hour nap the last few days. I've been drinking more and more water and i've been SUPER sensitive to the sun so i had to buy a new pair of sun glasses today. As for breakouts no new ones from last night. so that's a plus. But i still have several active ones on my face. I have lots of hard bumps on my nose. so idk what that is exactly.. but i'm hoping that it's blackheads coming to the surface. My skin is still oily but very dry around my nose. but no peeling just kind of a burning. but i just put some cetaphil ultra hyrdrating moisturizer on it and i'm good to go. I also had a nosebleed again in the shower. nothing major lasted maybe 5 min? but i've always gotten them so i'm used to them. Other than that i'm VERY VERY self-concious right now about my face. because of the current state it's in. But i have wonderful friends who are helping me through this and encouraging me that it does have to get worse before it gets better. without them i'd be so depressed right now. Also i've been using spot treatement at night and that seems to be helping. i put it on and then about an hour later i put some moisturizer over the spots and no peeling has occured.

Day 8 Back Pain & Burt's bees

Day 8 40 mg Claravis Body Just getting lots of back pain the last few days. it could be from accutane. but.. then again i did physical therapy for my back before so that isn't helping. Not much dryness going on on my body. But my scalp is starting to FLAKE a little! so def gonna go get some head and shoulders. I also found i'm getting thirsty alot so i've been drinking lots of water. Face still not much dryness except around my nose area. still getting new pimples everyday. the currents ones are SLOWLY going down.. and my skin gets pretty red after i wash it.. like i have a sunburn. Also i'm getting blackheads in randomn places. and the ones on my nose seem to be getting darker. so i'm hoping that means they're surfacing! and will be gone soon. i am constantly putting burts bee's on them. so i haven't given them a chance to dry out! using Burt's Bee's Beeswax Lipbalm which is working great! (: No dry cracking lips right now. Also the current blemishes i have might be also going down because i've sunk in and am putting spot treatment on them.. because they're just in big bunches on my cheek and look horrible! My pores are also HUGE! and it seems like my scars on my forehead are 20X more noticeable. What I'm using Morning: Cetaphil Bar Cleanser for Dry Sensitive Skin. Toner: (because my skin hasn't dryed out yet and i'm still breaking out) Clean and Clear Astringent for sensitive skin Moisturizer: Olay Complete for sensitive skin. Spot Treatment: Acne Free Spot Treatment ----- Night: Ceptaphil Bar Cleanser for Dry Sensitive Skin. Moisturizer: Currently None. But when dried out i use Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra hydrating Moisturizer (only in dry areas)

Day 5. . skin is horribly broken out..

Day 5 40mg Claravis so my skin is pretty much at the worst it's been in a longggg time. i'm breaking out in places i've' NEVER broken out before and i don't really understand why.. and it's not even little blemishes it's the big monster ones! My nose is starting to dry out but other than that dryness isn't too bad. i'm scared on if this is how my skin is now.. i don't wanna even imagine the IB. idk if this is cuz accutane or something else.. i haven't been eating bad. and i've been washing my face as usual. who knows..

Day 4. & Accutane 25 years ago according to my friends mom

Day 4 Claravis -> 40mg Capsule. My skin is soooo sore. not with dryness. but i'm getting huge blemishes popping up. and it hurts to wash my face. i dont think my skin has ever been this sore. I also have been experiencing EXTREMELY watery eyes! ahh. it seems like everything is coming up already. also my older blemishes have started coming to get white heads on them. and i'm SO tempted to pop them because there's like 5 of them and they look Gross. But i'm going to try my hardest NOT to! (5 white heads not blemishes all together) I was getting dry spots last night along my nose and random other spots and i put 'Avon Solutions --> Nurtura Replenishing cream' and i woke up to silky skin in the areas i put it on. Accutane 25 years Ago I was talking to my friend's mom today about how i am on accutane because i knew she took it when she was about my age. Things were ALOT different then.. She got accutane immediately when she started breaking out badly. There was no such things as Ipledge and there were no warnings about birth defects, waxing, sun damage, and she said she got her blood work done only a couple times while on it for six months. But other than that she said there wasn't as big as hype about side effects with it as there is now. She said about the only side effect she got was dry skin and chapped lips. but other than that she said she can't remember much other than how painful it was to go through. and she now has GOREGEOUS skin.

Accutane day 2 major headache!

Day 2 So today is my second day and at about 9 p.m. i got this bad headache. it feels a little different though its like pressure in the BACK of my head. when i get headaches i usually get them in the front. So i don't know if this is a reaction to the accutane or if it's just another headache? What may have to do with it?? I was watching a movie in the dark at a friends house. I wear contacts. or maybe my dosage is to high for my size? i started at 40 mg a day and i'm 118lbs.
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