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My Oily Skin Solution

The Regimen that drastically reduced my Oily Skin Since June 28, 2010 In addition to my ongoing vitamin regimen, I added a spearmint tea regimen SPECIFICALLY for my Oily Skin and the UPDATE as of 09/21/10, my oily skin has been reduced by about 90%!! I am currently drinking ONLY "Bigelow Plantation Mint" spearmint tea. I find it more effective than the Alvita brand. Week 1: Spearmint Tea - 2 cups a day(Alvita). Week 2: Spearmint Tea - 3 cups a day(2 Bigelow, 1 Alvita) Week 3: Spearmint Tea - 4 cups a day(2 Bigelow, 2 Alvita) Week 4 Til Present: Spearmint Tea - 4 cups a day of Bigelow Plantation Mint

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My Clear Skin Regimen

The Clear Skin Regime that FINALLY Cleared Me Since October 2009: Currently following 2 regimens(acne condition, oily skin condition) from the book titled "Prescription for Nutritional Healing: The A-To-Z Guide to Supplements" by Dr. Phyllis Balch [*]"Swanson" Vitamin B-100 Complex (3x a day[300 mg] for the 1st 3 months, 1x[100 mg] a day thereafter) [*]"Country Life" Carotenoid Complex (1 pill a day) [*]"Swanson" Vitamin C with Rose Hips (1000 mg a day) [*]"Swanson" Chromium Picolinate (200 mg a day) [*]"Swanson" Vitamin D-3 (400 IU a day) [*]"Swanson" Vitamin E (400 IU a day) [*]"Swanson" Potassium (99 mg a day) [*]"Swanson" Zinc (50 mg a day) [*]"Swanson" Copper (2 mg a day) [*]"Swanson" Evening Primrose Oil Softgels (1300 mg a day) [*]"Swanson" Flaxseed Oil Softgels (2000 mg a day)
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