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Day 6/w1

so only just starting to see sideeffects which is all just drying out a tad and lips are getting it too. eczema is starting to flare in a couple of places such as my hand yesterday which has been fine. the eczema kinda scabs alittle and its alittle flaky and fine if you know what i mean? another side effect which is probably a combo of taekwondo on monday and the accutane is a very very sore upper back which was really painful yesterday and felt all tight and stiff. its abit better today which is good. but to be blunt it hurts abit more than usual everywhere. Lol. not much else to say- im carrying three different lip balm things around in my bag and my school uniform so i dont get caught out + i now have to start bringing mouisturiser to school. im that cool.





Accutane 1st week

Ok so i kinda wanted to make a progress diary of my experience with accutane. to help others/myself i suppose so that what i go through others and myself dont feel so isolated. well i should start at the beginning lol. - im 15 years old had acne since year 5 (around 10) because of damn puberty (thanks puberty your real nice) but it wasnt "acne" as such it was more a few pimple here and there but of course to me being the innocent little 5th grader it was awkward being the only one. -acne got bad around year 6-start or year 7 and we bought Cetaphil (which i still use and is very good ) but needed something stronger. started to get acne on my back and chest so went to dermatologist who perscribed minocycline with a combo of differin and benzac as well as a few different creams -was on and off that for three years in year 10 i finally decided to take accutane. - on 20mg to start with -it took so long to decide to take the medication because of course as other people would know- loooong daunting list of sideeffects that kinda scared m + i get really bad ezcema sometimes so i didnt wanna be covered in it. well im currently on my 3rd day of accutane and my face inst too bad because i was on mincycline so im hoping the IB wont be too bad. the medication is mainly to help with my back acne which has left a few scars so hopefully it will be ok. Anyway not really any side effects so far just a few pimples on my forehead and one near my nose. i dont know about my back as i cant see it properly lol. anyway when did you guys start experiencing side effects? i know its only day three so i didnt expect much but i just want to know i shall try enter stuff once a week hopefully :3 i would add pictures but i dont have access to a camera at the moment that doesnt totaly glare out my skin making me look pale :/ ah well lets see how i go. oh by the wayy my name is emily. minor detailll




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