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1st week on isotretenoin...

elooooooooooo frenz...im nur from malaysia.... me also having da same problem like urs.... ACNE!!!!!!!! i was struggled 2 cure acne n lots of products n supplements i had consume n tried...but ALL didnt works ...of coz i was horrified because of ACNE attacked. you know what? im really jealous with my siblings because they didnt had to face this kind of problms...but y me???? :( i felt embarrassed when people comment n starred at me. i feel so humble n almost want to quit my job because of that. :dance: finally i decided to fight this ACNE in & went to skin specialist comes across in my mind. i went to see my derm and had to wait almost 3 hours to see him. y so long???????? my derm only gave me 2 min advise and asked me to take his medicine for 1 month. including day cream, nite cream, toner,soap as well as isotretionoin n pill(unknown)........ for rite now i didnt see any prgress n any breakouts..but may b soon arrrrrrr...... this will be a risk journey becoz i take a risk while consuming accutane rite...got 2 b ready for all the consequences.... i hope that these 64 weeks will destroy my enemies.....n hoping for the last hope i had, this can make my life will be shine again and improve my self confident... truthly...money is not a big issues for me as long my ACNE can be cured..how do i motivate my self untill that time????? when feel lost n disappointing what happen now....im going through this website n read their entries about ACNE... IM impressed some people can stick on their regimen even though having bad consequences during treatments. i become more confident n get ready to continue the journey of ACNE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope im also will get the same result like others n happy with my life in future.... ;) :D