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Long Road To Clear Skin: MaxClarity

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Day 1: First Day of Max Clarity

So I have had acne since I was about 9 years old (about 9 years now!) It was really severe for a long time. It has gotten A LITTLE better since I've gotten older but not much. Acne really affects your self esteem...I'm always afraid to get in the pool in fear of my make-up washing off, and constantly checking my mirror afraid that my make-up has worn off...it's gotten to the point where I run to the bathroom every morning when I stay with my boyfriend because I'm embarrassed for him to see my acne. As for acne medications...you name it...I've tried it. I have been to the dermatologist many many times and been prescribed everything from pills to creams...and nothing as worked. I have tried Proactive, Skin ID, Acne-Free, Neutrogena, Clean&Clear, Biore, Dove, Stridex, St.Ives, Aveeno...needless to say I've tried it all from scrubbing pads to creams...everything! After having no real success from some chemical peels, I was at the last straw...my only last option was Accutane...but due to some health problems I couldn't take it. Well one late night I saw a show advertising Max Clarity and the testimonials made it seem like it worked wonders...so I did some research and decided to try it. I just got my shipment yesterday and went ahead and did the night routine last night, but today was my first day of doing the morning and night routine. I have really sensitive skin, so I'm hoping this doesn't irritate my skin like Proactiv did. I know what it's like to struggle with acne so I'm hoping this actually works and will work for you guys too! Here's the Max Clarity Routine: Morning- First you use the Foaming cleanser and massage it into your face for a couple minutes then wash it off and pat your face dry...next you use the foaming acne medication...the medication I think is nice because it's really thin so it doesn't feel heavy on your face and it dries really quickly! Evening- Again you use the Foaming cleanser, but instead of using the acne medication you use the foaming toner which you rub onto your face and let it dry...again it's nice because it's also thin and dries fast! I also got the body wash which I haven't used yet! I'm excited to see if this actually works...and will keep you guys posted every week with my results (or lack there of...) I'm also going to be uploading pictures every week so you can see for yourselves!