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so , I guess I'm kind of new to this. I'm 13 , and I've been struggling with acne for about a year. for such a young age, I've tried quite a few products, i.e- clean and clear, neutrogena, clearasil , etc. however, now, I've tried some of the masks, and face washes mentioned on the 'reviews' page. I've tried the egg whites face wash, and it works amazing for my skins severity. and I've also tried the lemon juice. for me, it doesn't really work, but it might for you . some people go to such great lengths to clear their skin, but they never just look at natural things, that really don't cost much, and don't have harsh materials. I find that stress is really a big one, whenever I'm in a stressful situation, I start to break out, so really try to relax yourself, and take some 'me' time. thats all for now :]