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3 weeks in

I've lost count how many weeks it has been but I'm up to 40mg/day. I hope I've gotten over the IB. Skin has settled slightly, improved compared to what it was 2 weeks ago. Skin and lips (esp peri-orally) is dry like mad. Hair naturally dry and scalp is dandruffy. I don't know how the coming exam weeks will be like: stress, sugar, poor sleeping habits. I just hope no more huge cysts and no headaches. *prays hard* on happier note, germany v azerbaijan tonite

Week 1

Ok. so I delayed taking Accutane because firstly - i hardly had time to run to the chemist (and I was too scared) to get it - i stopped my topicals for about 1 week before my first pill, developed 2 cysts on the chin and a couple of zit on my right side of face now About 1 week in, i can see the huge cysts returning, my right side a has plenty of white heads esp around the nose and peri-oral area (around the lips, junction between the skin and the lips) The cysts on the chin are


I've stopped my topical meds and I can feel the zit coming through. Dr called yesterday, blood test results are good, I'm good to go start. Except I haven't picked up the meds from the pharmacy... too busy, no time, dreading the start tbqh.


Blood test this morning. All I have to do is wait. And read the starter pack, I have yet to do that. I'm actually nervous to read it.


background 24 year old full-time Uni student about to start Accutane. Dental school is absolutely crazy! ((( Here is a little information about my pre-accutane journey. I had the normal break-outs as a teenager, and gradually it got worse and my mom insisted it was because I wasn't taking good care of my skin even though I washed it like mad and went for the bazillion facials which i thought were useless. I hate facials urrgh. I went to a dermatologist who gave a me whole r
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