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MaxClarity Results

So I wrote in a few months ago about how I'd try MaxClarity Foam regimen and see what it did for my skin. I am a 26 yr old adult acne sufferer. I am also a skincare therapist. I have access to all the latest skincare technologies and proffessional products on the market, but even with all these, I still suffer from problematic skin. I wrote in my post that I'd evaluate my skin for one month under the strict regimen of MaxClarity. However, a change was made to my skincare evaluation. Instead of one month, I monitered my results over a two and a half month trial. Here is my personal experience: So I know people have complained about the waiting period for recieving your MaxClarity kits. I personally had to wait an extra week (total of 14 days) to recieve mine. However, the ordering process over the phone went smoothly without issue, and when I called a week later to inquire about my order status, the second rep I spoke with had no trouble locating my order and giving me the new estimated arrival date. In the beginning I followed the regimen as it insructs you to: cleanse am/pm with the face wash, then the benzoil peroxide in the am and the salicylic acid in the pm. Simple enough. At the time I had three cystic papules around my jaw area. Within four days, the baby acne I had on my chin and jaw area were gone. One of the cysts had been completely dried up, while the other two were significantly reduced in size. I continued with the usual administration am/pm. After 2 weeks I noticed that, although my baby acne was gone, I was still experiencing cystic breakouts. This was a bit frustrating for me. My skin has always been oily and by mid-day, my face would be shiny and greasy-feeling. So, I changed up my regimen a bit. I added to the regimen, the am/pm body wash (which is included in your kit.) I wasn't using it as a body wash. Actually, it was just sitting on my shelf. I read posts about how ppl were using the body wash for their face as it was milder than the face wash, but still contained benzoil peroxide. Now I must tell you, my skin is very durable, as is has always been. I have used benzoil peroxide since the age of 15, so my skin is not irritated by it as other people's might be. I now wash my face mid-day with the body wash and re-apply the benzoil peroxide foam. This helped significantly! I think what was happening was that the sebum buildup on my skin at mid-day was clogging my pores, eventually causing the flare-ups. By the end of the first month, my acne was almost gone, with the exception of a few cysts, and the red blemishes left behind from pimples. I noticed my skin was smoother, and my pores were free of blackheads in my T-cell area. Going into the first week of the second month, I purchased a ZENO-mini. It's a battery-operated device that sends heat currents into your skin and kills bacteria that is forming at the beginning of a pimple. A ZENO is a cheaper version of galvanic current. Galvanic current is eletrical current sent into your skin that kills bacteria. You can get galvanic treatments at a day spa or medical spa. Anyway, I only used the ZENO on the cysts that remained, to speed along the process. It worked like a charm! Be warned though,the ZENO may hurt slightly when you place it on a cyst or large papule, but that is just the heat current penetrating your skin. It also leaves the area red for a few hours. It's at the end of my trial now, and my skin is CLEAR!!!!!! I CANNOT believe it! No more cysts, no more pustules or papules or baby acne. My skin is slightly dry, but no irritaion at all. My over-all experience with MaxClarity is that I will continue to use it. I've posted my progression photos in my profile. I strongly suggest that anyone trying out MaxClarity use it MORE than just one month. One month is not enough to see what the true results can be! Every regimen I've tried has been no less than 4 months. Constantly switching products and regimens only does more damage than good. I see that alot people on this site who are not happy with MaxClarity have been people who have only used the products for a month or less. No over-the-counter product will ever give someone instantanious results. My evalutation was originally for one month, but my USE of the product would have continued after my evaluation in case improvements shown. They did. So stick with it and good luck!