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Hello everyone! So I've been on the acne.org regimen for two weeks now, but I decided I want to make a blog to keep track of my progress. I'm thinking this will be good for me, kind of like a diary to vent my thoughts, as well as keep me consistent on the regimen. And hopefully there's at least someone out there who will read this and find it helpful or at least be entertained by making fun of me whatever haha I just want to show myself and maybe others what the regimen is doing. So far I'm pretty darn happy with it This post will probably be long but I'll try to keep it short and just introduce myself and then fill in my experiences thus far in another post. So first just a little about my particular situation: -I'm an 18 year old female and have had acne in some form since 6th grade I was an early bloomer... -My acne is probably considered mild to moderate, but it varies since it's hormonal -I usually have closed comedone type acne on my cheeks, the kind that are only really visible when I pull the skin taut -I almost always have at least one or two "active" blemishes that wouldn't even be that bad if I didn't exacerbate my problem with picking (a problem I'm working on ) -I usually get a predictable cystic breakout a week before my period, one to two on my chin and/or cheeks -As I said I've been on Dan's regimen for two weeks Here's what I use: Coastal Scents African Black Soap AM/PM Proactiv Repairing Lotion (2.5% BP) AM/PM Cetaphil Moisturizer AM/PM Yeah, it's pretty simple. I don't want to speak too soon but so far my results with this have been pretty great. Like, a mere few days into this regimen and I could already notice a difference in the condition of my skin. I've always been a product junkie so I've never really committed to any one thing for that long (with a few exceptions) and I must say that's been my downfall. I've basically used these kinds of products for years, just not in the right way. I've always tried so hard to scrub my skin clear or massacre it with really harsh stuff but I know that's made my problem worse. My skin hasn't looked as good as it does now in a long time and I hope it keeps getting better I've been taking pictures throughout the past weeks so I'll post all those soon and continue to update them. I'll also try to write about my experience starting the regimen and anything that has happened up to this point. This is mostly to introduce myself in case anyone cares. I hope this helps somebody out there who's going through the same stuff as me. Don't be afraid to comment with advice, constructive criticism, questions or just some encouragement; it's always appreciated Here's some tidbits about myself besides my acne because there is more to me than my face: I love nature, animals, anything outdoors (I'm a bit of a hippy ) I'm pretty straight edge, I live above the influence by personal choice. I love reading, especially fantasy/sci fi. I'm a major nerd and don't care who knows it. I love music! I'm into screamo, punk, rock, folk, techno...weird combos but yes, that's me I'm a dancer; classical ballet and modern. I enjoy painting and drawing and art in general. I am majoring in psychology and minoring in French because I love the language. So there's part of who I am...a lot of who I am actually haha but yeah, just so you guys have some idea of what I'm like besides my skin. It may not matter or be of anyone's interest but there ya go anyways. Take it or leave it I'll get pics up soon and start updating. Until then, peace