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Accutane Week 2

Hi people interested in accutane My face is in a lot of pain tonight so i thought id get on here and explain. I started accutane 2 weeks ago 40 mg for the 3rd and hopefully last time. Today i really just started to notice my lips are getting super dry. Maybe from the meds or maybe from me licking them so much to see if they are dry yet. Other than that i havent gotten dry at all yet. Besides the dry lips my face is broken out so much and is extremly greasy. Its gross. I havent had cystic pimples like this on my cheeks for years and all of a sudden i have a bunch. I have heard that it gets worse before it gets better, and im definatly in that stage now. If anyone has any questions about accutane i might be able to help you like i said ive done this many times before!