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day 11

accutane start date: July 16th, 2010, 5 month cycle -40mg per day -also on birth control pill -areas of acne: face, chest, back, upper arms -type of acne-mild to moderate, mostly a lot of dark/blotchy scars at this point. my break out become worse when im stressed and/or when i'm on my period. ok, so i know i should have started this on day 1, but whatevs. the first week has been hell, to say the least. peeling on my face, back, chest. putting make-up on my peeling/flakey face just seemed to make it more noticeable, ugh. not to mentiion unattractive. since my skin was so dry, my face actually became MORE oily, to compensate. but since im already on day 11, the peeling/flakeyness has subsided--thank god. also, using gentle moisturizers and exfoliators helped a bit as well. my lips feel like they are on fire. i've been using aquaphor, which seems to help a bunch. i initially used carmex but it felt like it was just making it worse/dryer. let's just saying eating anything acidic (i.e. fruits, juices) make the corners of my mouth burnnnn. the creases of my nose are rather irritated too. as for the acne itself, i'm starting to break out even more on my face and chest..but nothing too severe and they disappear within a day or so. my back and upper arms have cleared up a little bit. hopefully by my birthday, august 19th, i'll see an even greater improvement. as for my mental state: i feel a little sadder-like i get bummed out more, even over stupid/petty stuff. or i tend to get more emotional. physically, i got a bad case of stomach pains over the weekend. i was eventually able to sleep it off, but i wasn't able to do any physical activities--no gym, no yoga not sure if it was related to accutane though? anyhoo, i'll update in a few days! wish me luck! peace and love -gkd