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My skin is peeling alot lately, well mainly just around my nose and on my nose. It sucks and wont stop but I think after it stops I will look good. I didnt write yesterday but Since using the CLearasil product my sister got I seem to be clearing up decently. I Have been taking by deoxycyclin Hyclate better and with water but now im thinking i need to be more organized with taking it. I usually do after I eat breakfeast and whenever I remember at night. But now I have been washing my face

Feelin Refreshed

Okay so today I woke up and felt a little refreshed. I got back from a camping trip yesterday so I was glad I could sleep better. I decided to take some advice so last night and today when I took my Deoxycycline I drank a full glass of water with it. And when I put on my gel last night and this morning, I washed my face really good and gentle, something I read to do on here. One bad thing is I only used a foaming handsoap. But I am having my mom take me to get something at walmart. I


Hello all,, This is my first time on the blog, obviously. My acne gets so bad i cant stand it alot of the time but everyone says its fine so idk.. well ill start with the beginning. I started to get moderate acne in 7th grade and got it in my hairline and on my forehead mainly because i had super long hair. It got worse and worse and I honestly thought it was horrible the summer of 8th grade. My older brother convinced me to shave my head to get my oily hair off of it. I did so and o




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