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Claravis 10mg/ Day 28

Well, I am still waiting on that intial harsh breakout. Over the past 2 weeks i felt like there were more cyst type pimples but not to the extent that I thought it would be by now. Today when I came home from work, I did notice that my blackheads were a lot darker. Other than that, I dont feel like I am having the reaction to the medicine that i expected from the research I did. I am wondering if it is because I am on the lowest dosage? I have a doctors appointment on tuesday, so I will jus

Clarvis 10mg / day 15

well, so far it really has not been bad at all. hopefully writing this post wont jinx me! I have been taking claravis 10mg for 15 days now. i could almost instantly see a change. I feel as though my face is definitely not as red and irritated around my problem areas. It looks like my face is smoother and it definitely doesnt take as long to put my makeup on. At the end of the first week, my right cheek was really hurting because of the break outs. I have little bumbs here and there, and t

almost didnt make it....

So last time I wrote about how frustrated I was with the doctors office not registering me at Ipledge therefore postponing my start date for a whole 30 days! I finally got back into the Doctors office and when I told my actual doctor what happened, we will just have to say he was less than happy with his staff and apologized profusely. I was over the frustration and anger at that point as it was a new day and it was the day I was getting my script and would actually be able to fill it! The st

so upset...

So I went to my Dermatologist last thursday and received my first prescription of claravis. My doctor gave me papers to get bloodwork done and I dragged myself to the Lab at 7:30a on my day to get drained. i thought it was all worth it because I was a few days away from filling the script and starting the meds that would most likely change my life. and then I waited... i called the doctor yesterday to see if the bloodwork had come back and maybe they had forgotten to call me. teh r

a brief history

Well, I am 26 and am currently experiencing the worst acne of my life. Most likely from all the recent stress. Growing up and doing the adult thing kinda sucks and seems to get a little harder everyday. lol I would say that I have had acne for at least 10 years, possibly 12. It has been so long since I have had clear skin that I cant remember what its like. That's just insane for someone to live their life like that. My life today consists of trying to find the best way to hide my a
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