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my story.. im in need of advice

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my story... i need advice

I've had mild acne since i hit puberty. I was using proactiv for about 3 years while being in college and my skin was clear except for the occasional breakout around that time of the month. people used to compliment on how clean and fresh my skin looked. after 3 years around my 22nd birthday, using proactiv 2 times a day really started to dry my face out, to the point where it would hurt and i began noticing some large bumps growing on my cheeks that would never come to a surface but they were so painful. so i figured it had stop working. my grandma and mom suggested that i try the clinique acne solutions line. i did for about 2 and half months and my acne was worst than ever. i have never had that many pimples at once and they were all different kinds all over my face. i especially was breaking out around my mouth and on my jawline(i have never broke out on my jawline area)i had a lot of marking and scarring that was just embarrassing. i was super depressed to the point where i never wanted to go anywhere and began to hide in my room 24/7. id even call out of work if i couldn't cover up some of the acne with makeup. just when i started gaining confidence, since i never had it in high school and i had lost all of it. i gave up and went to my doctor to be referred to a dermatoloigst. my doctor felt there was no need to see a dermatologist and prescribed me tetracyclin 500mg along with azelex cream 2x a day. i used these with cetaphil face wash. i noticed a difference in the texture of my skin. i never had any bad side affects with the azelex cream, in that my face never burned or got dry. it sometimes itched but nothing unbearable. for me it feels like a moisturizer and i felt it was clogging my pores. it made my face soft and pale(ive always been tan) after 1 week i had not seen a difference and my doctor told me i would start seeing some kind of difference in just a week. so then i started second guessing my doctor, it just didnt sit well in my stomach that what he prescribed me was exactly the right thing for me, since he is not a dermatologist. so i went back and asked to be referred to a derm. two weeks later i visited the derm, note i still continued with the used of the meds my doctor had prescribed me. it had been 3 weeks of using them and i had start to see results but i was still breaking out and wasnt sure if it was the purging stage or what. my doctor said the results had looked good after just 3 weeks of use and what my doctor had prescribed me was fine, he added that i use epiduo at night and azelex in the morning to take care of some white heads i had and continue another month of tetracyclin. the thought of being on meds makes me sick, but whatever this was all new to me. i had been use to 3 steps which my derm told me was too much for my face. unfortunately even with insurance and the coupon card for the epiduo, i could not afford $117 for a tube. tough times the derm then prescribed me tretinoin gel 0.01% and to use it at night with azelex in the morning. i have been researching and reading reviews like crazy, it has become an obsession actually. i read that with tretinoin gel, there is a IB within the first month or so. i was terrified to use this. im confused why would my derm prescribe me something that will eventually make my face worse when it was just starting to get better. i have only used it 3x every other night. i don't think its enough to notice any side effects which were described in the reviews on this website. i just don't know if i could handle another bad breakout. my face still seems to be healing with the azelex cream. i do notice a lot of under the surface pimples, very tiny though, looked like clog pores. so im afraid that the tretinoin gel will eventually bring those up all at once and ill be a mess all over again. or with the combo of using all 3 meds make it as bad as other have made it seem? i want my life back and my old self back so badly. im tired of people asking me whats wrong and telling me that i haven't been myself lately. i want to enjoy my summer and i hate that i can't be in the sun. has anyone used any of these treatments or topicals? i dnt see my derm for another 3 weeks so i can't ask him these questions till then



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