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Cystic Acne!

Hello Everyone. Today I am on my third month of Accutane. I have been suffering from Acne since I was 15. However, I was always scared of accutane. I have tried everything in this world and nothing works for me. Two months ago I went to Murad (Medical Center, yes I met Dr. Murad) My dermatologist first prescribed 30mg and prednisone to avoid the big initial flare up. I also get copmplimentary cortisone shots on my face and it dries any bumps (but it hurts!) Anyway, for those that are starting or thinking of strating this medication, ask your dermatologist to also prescribe prednisone. You won't regret it. Anyway I am now on 40mg. My skin is dry, not oily. I use Murad skin hydrator wash and Cerave moisturizer.