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Week 4

So I guess I am late in the game cause I am only starting to blog at Week 4. I am starting this blob because I am frustrated with my lack of progress on the DKR and I thought ranting a bit would help me stick with it rather than quitting. I started the DKR because of my acne on my forehead. I've always had mild acne, but since going off the pill my forehead has not been clear, and I've been off for about a year. Always tonnes of tiny bumps along with a few larger inflamed bumps. In the past I just covered it up with bangs, because aside from my forehead the rest of my face is pretty clear. Always have a few pimples, but nothing crazy. But I hate bangs and I am so sick of them that I decided not to hide anymore and just deal with it. I've tried DKR a couple times before, and usually got clear with it, but I would always slack off once clear or not stick with it or not do it 100% as recommended. So this time I am actually following the DKR to the T, even though it's super hard because it's meant giving up products that I like, such as my baking soda mixed in with my face wash and my Aloe. I'm giving the DKR once last chance and I am doing it right. I've even committed to stopping popping and stopped wearing cover up. Well the cover up one was forced on me, because my face was so red and dry that I could not wear it. But now that I'm use to not wearing it, I don't even see the need. I do put a tiny bit of cover up on a big active zit just to get rid of the red, but that's it. If it doesn't work this time, then at least I know that it just wasn't for me, not because of the way I did it, and I can move on and find something that actually works. My progress to date: Starting Point: Forehead broken out and a few spots on rest of face Week 1: Skin red as hell, extremely dry, no improvements Week 2: Skin used to BP and not as red and flaky, slight improvement on face except forehead Week 3: Skin completely use to BP, 2 isolated pimples on face, forehead still broken out (no improvements) Week 4: Same as week 3, and maybe even a couple new pimples on forehead Feeling really frustrated with regime right now because I want results! I know that is my fault because I am expecting instant gratification. I know the regime takes longer than 4 weeks to work. But my forehead isn't clear at all! I recieved Dan's AHA in the mail last week and I've only used it twice so far so can't comment. I am going to start using it every night after BP instead of moisterizor. Because of my new forehead breakout I am feeling really down today. I've stayed in the office practically all day and I don't even want to see or talk to anyone! I hope that the AHA does help, that would be sweet! I'm dedicated to giving the Regime 3 months and then I am going to look for something else. So I still have a full two months to go.