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Probiotics effect on Immunity

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Probiotics capsules, Fish Oil and Clairsonic

Hope this helps any frustrated people out there! My cure for adult acne: Daily Supplements: 1) Probiotic capsules: Your intestinal health is directly linked to your immune system. It doesn't matter if you eat healthy fruits and vegetables if your body doesn't absorb it. Taking the Probiotics has changed my health, not just my skin. 2) 8 Fish Oil Capsules per day (2 Capsules 4 times a day) 3) 8 Hylands Kali Sulph 6X for Colds and Skin Eruptions tablets 4) Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc Combo 5) Emergen-C package every day 6) Olive oil, at least a tablespoon a day 7) Amino Acid Combination 8) Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement once a day 9) Water Washing face with Clairsonic ionic face brush. A one time investment $200 face cleaning brush, obscenely expensive but it has made a world of difference and is cheaper than the dermatologist. Washcloths just don't do the job. I learned to wash my face once, pat dry and then wash again. Wash twice every twelve hours. I had never thought to wash my face twice in one sitting, I learned this from a Youtube video. The first wash seems to dislodge oil and skin cells and the second wash seems to get everything (soap, oil, dead skin) off my face. If I miss a washing, I can see signs of pore clogging the next day. Using Estee Lauder Day Wear plus lotion, Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean foaming cleanser (a tiny bit goes a long way). These are very expensive, but when I try to change to a drug store brand, I get deep acne within a week. I use ProActive Replenishing Lotion (BP) at least once a day in my T-zone, even if I don't have any breakouts. I learned a lot about skin care through diet and supplements from the Perricone Prescription book series. I would recommend picking up his first book and giving it a read. No Corn Syrup, Splenda or Asparteme. These sweetners seem to cause physical problems in their own unique ways. Splenda is suspected of killing intestinal flora (lowering the immune system). I use Sweet Leaf or honey. As long as I don't break the regiment listed above, I am completely acne free. If I miss a washing or stop taking one of the supplements for a day, I will have a break-out within a few days. A special note: Antibiotics kill intestinal flora.




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