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Oral meds didnt work but this did...

Well I tried oxytetracycline, lymecyclin, erythromycin, minicycline and none worked!..... so I got angry at the seemingly useless doctors pescribing me rubbish and developed my own treatment, two months later I was spot free. I have no idea how long this blog will last before its deleted I didnt realize that I shouldnt use a medically sounding username...ahhh well. Please find below my sorta regime...(missed out a few days from drinking to much etc.. but try to stick to it). Morning steps 1-5 1. Wash hair in morn with head and shoulders (anti-dandruff helps get rid of dead skin cells that clog up pores- no need to apply to face will do its job after rinsing your hair). 2. Wash face as usual with any general deep pore cleansing wash. 3. Apply antiseptic layer of tee treeoil. 4. After sterilizing with tee tree apply mupirocin based topical antibiotic (like bactroban) for gram neg bacteria. This may prove quite difficult to get hold of but do attempt to try and get it, doctors, vets, nurses, pharmaceutical reps and pharmacies will have access to the stuff... so befriend one!. (this step may get deleted by the moderators :s... we shall see) 5. Then apply a strong spot clearing treatment like benzoyl peroxide (OXY 10 do a 10% strength) to oxidize and kill the remaining bacteria that survive the gram-neg antibiotic. Evening steps 6-9 6. Evening times repeat steps one and two. 7. Rub tissue on face with sterile urine on it (good for skin health anyways) 8. Rub hands on arms (or patch of skin not colonized by bacteria) vigorously to get natural commensal bacteria on hands then pat face gently. Commensal bacteria that lives on our skin will compete with spot causing bacteria for living space and resources. No point just using topical creams that strip your skin of its natural protection barrier. 9. Sleep on clean sheets.