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Water all along?

You know what I think after I have tried a lot of antibiotics and others products, I think I approached my acne "outwardly". I should have approached it "inwardly". I think I found the cause of my acne. It's the coffee, it's the sugar, and it's the water, a lack of it. I quit atibiotics. I quit facials. And my face remains normal except a few pimples right there and there, but I was never a "pizza face" person. Last summer I cleared my acne. I thought it was the cold shower. Yes, the cold shower helped, but you know what I was partly wrong. It was the water intake and the coffee that caused my breakouts. After quitting coffee and any kind of junk food, and drinking water and only water for days now, I feel great. When I take a shower, I have no more itchy dry skin, even if I take hot showers. My face feels so soft. And I am almost 100% clear facialwise. I think each of us acne sufferer should really watch what we drink. I say QUIT COFFEEE! DRINK LOTS of WATER! As in liters of it a day. That's what I'm gonna do. Water is the only cure for me!