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So I'm pretty much ready to get rid of these little beasties.

I started this deal like...3 days ago? Yeah. I think its already working, but is it normal for my face to like sting?? Just like all the time, but especially after I wash it and put all the stuff on it. And I can't give up my makeup *sigh* just not quite there yet, I'm great at covering all this stuff up, I don't want people to judge me for my skin!! Call me vain, but that's where I'm at. :/ I use Mary Kay cream foundation and coverup, has anyone else used this while on the Regimen?? I don't want to undo what I'm tryin to do. So yepp. Any advice would be nice, I follow the instructions, but if anyone has any tips, or other things that speed up the process or whatever that they'd like to share, that'd be sweet. Kthanks.




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