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The Life of my Face

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Day 2

Okay, so today I got up enough energy to actually change my sheets and pillowcases =P. Going to change them every other day now. My face is actually looking a bit better today. The bumps are less red and have gone down a little. Still using AcneFree. Not much to update on....

Sick of this

Sick of this



The life of my face Day 1

The condition: -Oily T-zone -Large clusters of small, white acne on forehead, nose, around mouth, and chin -Normal balanced cheek area -Blackheads and pustules on back -Small white heads on chest The regimen: Acnefree So far: Only been using this regimen maybe 4 days? I'm frustrated with my appearance right now and haven't noticed a difference...yet. Going to start regularly changing sheets and pillowcases starting tonight. Also cleaning my glasses really well when I wear those instead of contacts. Bought Clearasil BodyClear pomegranite body soap which is clearing up my back and chest really really well. Lets see how this goes.

Sick of this

Sick of this