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accutane 6 dayz in

oka so its wut 6 days into da tane treatment...im feelin pretty normal a lil itchy nd my lips are really gummy...my face isnt dry @ all..im still a grease ball...i am hungry all da time and i cnt clam my thirst...as for da IB yea im getn it:(...i jst wna hide inside my house...but i forced myself 2 go shopN..went 2 target bt felt everyone startin so i ran out...mayb its jst in my head and those ppl werent starin @ me bt da way i feel is lyk my fce gt stung by a bunch of bees...ouch...prayin this works its my last hope...read so many reviews and blogs i now hve mix feels..befor it seemd lyk i culdnt get tane quick enough..now wit da IB im scared its not guna wrk...yea i knw give it time...but cnt help myself...hopeful:)