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From day one to clear skin, I'll be writing my progress in here.

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Day Two.

So I did my same routine, taking my pills and using the stuff just how I did last night. My skin is very tight, but I have absolutely no acne as of now, minus the little tiny flat slightly pink marks because they are still healing. I'm thinking I'm going to, after my face is entirely cleared, not use the benzoyl peroxide in the morning, just wash and put the lotion on, and use it only at night. I'm not sure if this will be as effective, so if anyone has any tips, I'd be happy to hear them. It's working very well aside from the stiffness, and its still smooth though it is stiff.





Day One.

So I cleansed last night with the Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System Skin Polishing Acne Wash, and then followed with the Acne Control Lotion with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. The Cleanser has a mild .5% Salicylic. (PSSST: The Acne Control Lotion shares 3-4 ingredients with Dan's Benzoyl Peroxide gel!) I'm eighteen and I take Vitamin E and Calcium with Vitamin D3 in there. I eat extremely well because my mother is sick and cannot have Sodium on a regular basis, so I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, (some chocolate, which my Doctor told me is not bad for skin, that it is an old wives tale) natural yogurt and fresh, good meat from a great local store. I really love Sunflower Market for shopping for food. I always apply a Vitamin E cream to underneath my eyes before I go to bed, and a thin layer of it underneath them after I wash my face in the morning. I use it as my "eye cream" and it works very well. I have some blotchy redness and acne on my cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. I'd call it mild, or light, or very light, but the blotchiness throws it over the edge to just "light". No "very" about it. So I washed today and I'm already showing lots of improvement in the coloring of my nose and my two problem pimples. They are shrinking, shrinking, shrinking! They are still noticeable but fading fast. So far I'm pleased: If it keeps up like this I should have clear skin in no more than a week!




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