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My First Post

Okay, so I've never posted in a blog before, so I'm probably doing it wrong, but oh well. My biggest acne problem is basically these little white bumps all over my face. They drive me nuts and I don't know what to do about them. If I treat my skin with anything, it dries up. Makeup alone will make it peel and crack. I just got my Jojoba Oil in the mail today, so I'm going to try using that to help with the dryness. I'm trying to pick at my skin less. I only did it twice today, and it was only for 10 - 15 mins rather then spending an hour picking at every little bump or white thing or even a pore that could possibly be a blackhead.. I'm really putting an effort into it. Yesterday I mixed some of my foundations together so that it won't be as drying on my skin. I have two that are water based, but their coverage isn't that well. I have two tinted moisturizers that I can't really use alone because they didn't work with my other makeups, and I had some really thick stuff that was the wrong color. I mixed everything to make it the right color and texture. It covers really well, and I'm hoping it won't dry my skin out like the one I was using did. I guess it was for oily skin, when mine is very dry. I just want to be able to go in a pool without worrying if my foundation is going to come off and show all my acne. It takes me 30 mins to wash my face and put water proof foundation on. That doesn't really work when you have a best friend like mine who calls and says "I'm having people over to swim, you're coming, I'll be at your house in 5 mins." I love being spontaneous, but my acne really ruins it for me sometimes. I just can't wait for the day when my skin is clear. Aside from my acne, my skin is even toned, and basically perfect. My mom always said she wished her skin was like mine. If I could just clear it up, I'd be the happiest girl on the planet.




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