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Week 1

So I decided to start accutane 5 days ago. This is the second attempt for me regarding accutane. I did about three months (maybe) about 3 or 4 years ago. It was quite successful but I quit early because I moved to the beach for the summer and wanted to get sun. I also partied a little too regularly for a full accutane-regimen to be a viable option Hey, I was in college. Since my first attempt with accutane, my skin wavered between almost perfect to maybe a breakout of like two pimples. However, I moved to South Korea to teach about 10 months ago and my skin's become progressively worse. Bad. So, being in the land of cosmetic surgery (really, the US ain't got shit on Korean vanity) I decided to go in for some laser treatments. I did PDT ( ALA spread on my face then treated with IPL). Bad idea. VERY BAD. I did three treatments at the recommendation of my doctor, each resulting in worse break outs. He said my results were very 'rare' but they were my results nonetheless. I have had facials, lighter lasers, and eat like a weight-watcher on crack, but no help. I finally opted for my old friend accutane. I have been on accutane (like I said) for 5 days. Nothing happening really....yet. My face is recovering from a facial this past weekend ( today is Wednesday) so it's hard to judge as of yet actually. My friend will help me post pics this weekend, I'm so technologically inept it's shocking. I hope to update every few days and I will be pleasantly surprised if anyone actually follows -Sam PS- I am on 20 mg a day for this month. My doctor will do whatever I tell him, so I will decide what dosage I want at a later date.