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About this blog

Here I will be keeping track of my progress while using accutane, the side effects, and the outcome.

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Got it!

I finally got my medication today! wooo! I think I'm a little bit too excited to be getting this medication thats going to dry my body up like a prune, but I cant help it I also bought Vitamin E gel to apply to my skin at night time, vitamin E pills that I will take daily, Lubriderm Lotion with vitamin E and B, 45 spf lotion, and 30 spf chapstick. Whew!!! I feel like I'm preparing for battle! I'm very excited to see some results





Disapointed :(

Today was supposed to be my first day starting accutane and I've been looking forward to it for over a month now. I went in for my last (pre-accutane) visit with my derm., preg. test, and blood work on Friday. She told me my results for the tests would be in this weekend and she would activate my account and then she would call me and instruct me to take a test on Ipledge and once I passed I could go pick up my medication. Well, I have been waiting for her call all day and now its 5:50pm and still no call. I called 3x today and never got a call back. hmmm....frusturating Hopefully tomorrow my derm, will come through for me.






Today is my last day, accutane free for the next 5 months or so. I go to pick up my prescription tomorrow as soon as my derm. calls and notifies me to take the online sexual contraception test on Ipledge. Once I pass, I am cleared to go pick it up! Im very excited to get this started, the wait has been frusturating. My Fiance' is excited for me, but also nervous. Hes heard about how intense this medication can be and that the side effects are endless, though most arent common. He didnt want me to go on accutane from the begining because he said I didnt need it and Im beautiful and all that. Hes a sweetheart, but he doesnt understand-I refuse to have acne on our wedding day, our honeymoon, when were having kids, etc...these are the most important days of my life and the last thing I will be worried about is my acne. Thats what finally gave me the push to go through with accutane, getting engaged and realizing I'm twenty three years old, not a teenager, acne troubles are supposed to be gone by now. I'm very hopeful and excited! Ive looked at the galleries and the before and afters of fellow accutane users and I cant wait for the success most of them seemed to have.