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A week and a day

It has now been a week and a day on the regimen. So far, everything has been pretty steady. Acne has not worsened but has shown no dramatic changes. A few new spots but nothing big. I feel a difference in my chin but it does not look a whole lot better. Im just still hoping for the best. I do feel like the zinc is helping though! I am also thinking about ordering the AHA cream for some old little scars i have. If anyone has an opinion on the AHA or the zinc dont hesitate to comment.





Day 2 and 3

Well after the first few days, some of my acne is starting to come to a head, especially on my chin. No new breakouts yet so thats good i guess. No real improvement but i know its not supposed to work this fast. There is a slight burning every once in a while on my face but nothing i cant put up with. I have also decided to start taking zinc from now on after reading some good reviews on this site and finding out that Dan also takes this along with fish oil every day. Im hoping that maybe it will make some kind of difference. I decided against taking the fish oil at least for a while because of some of the reviews on the site aimed towards people my age.




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My first full day of the regimen

Hey guys. I know there are a lot of blogs on this website but i felt like i needed to have a reason to track my progress. I am a 17 year old white male in high school who has suffered from acne for about 4 years now. I exercise everyday and am very active. While i may only have moderate acne, it ruins my self confidence and makes me not want to look in the mirror. I turn down my friends and cancel plans all the time because of my acne. My chin is the worst area and i find myself constantly putting my hand over my chin or pretending to bite my fingernails while i am talking to someone face to face to cover it up. A brief description of what i have been on. About 2 years ago i started to really experiment with different acne products. I used proactive, clearasil, and all kinds of other over the counter medications. I even used benzol peroxide for a long time but im hoping my problem was that i didnt moisturize and used 10%. My acne was not that bad but i was never really satisfied so i ended up going to a dermatoligist. She put me on treintinoin and doxycycline. Well long story short, after a year and a month, my acne is worst then ever. So ive been reading reveiws on this web site for a long time but never really paid attention to the regimen. Well i decided to start and hope for the best because school starts in a little over a month and i would give anything to be mostly acne free before my senior year. Anyways, i started the regimen last night using cetaphil bar soap, the dans regimen bp treatent, and cetaphil moisturizer. I was already using the cetaphil products and i have never had any problems with them so i figured i would continue. My main problems are my chin and the right side of my face. I also have a few scars from previous acne. I am just hoping for the best!!! So the today my face is a little dry but hey, i guess thats expected. I just want to be one of those success storys i have been reading about on this site. lol. Ill keep updated.