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First Day

I am at my wits end today, my skin has been bad for about 3 weeks now and I feel so disheartened as I almost thought I had "grown out of" my bad skin problems (I am 35 its got to end soon right!?). Anyway, after a weeks holiday, followed by a couple of stressful weeks at work my skin is looking pretty gross and is evolving new shapes and forms on an hourly basis. I am tired of the mirror checking to keep an eye on what new things are erupting on my face and now they have started on my back again too. So I have been on the acne website today (this always gives me comfort when I am feeling really low about my skin) to go over the regimen again and to just read up on my "condition". I have so say I always learn something when I come on here, so I am going to keep track of my skin over the next couple of weeks to see if I can record how my skin does and also see if I can pin-point any triggers. Thinking about the info I read today about it taking a few weeks for acne to actually come to the surface is really interesting. I have been blaming a new face wash I had brought, which felt wonderful when I used it and had essential oils in it but my face seemed to erupt over the next few days. Also the facial I had seemed to bring everything up (whereas it normally clears out and speeds up the pimple process) so I am now considering that this is all unrelated?? Anyway my chin is dreadful at the moment. I have a painful lump forming on the left hand side of my chin, and about 5 other lumps under my skin on the chin area. I have a red lump the left side of my nose and I popped a huge whitehead just above my eyebrow. I have 3 blocked pore type spots on my forehead. So all in all about 11 on my face. On my back I have about 5 on the neck and upper back area. I have just done the regimen (except I am using boots timedelay hot face polish balm, which I have used for years and seems to agree with my skin and doesn't dry it out). I haven't been using BP on my face during the day as I find it flakes off when I wear makeup and there is no way I can go out without makeup in public! I am going to see if I can wear makeup over BP so that it will give my skin the chance to clear up.....