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Chemo triggered my acne

Hi there I'm very new to Acne.org and have found the source of information freely available a real inspiration and help, so a big thank you to all who have helped put this comprehensive site together. I experienced acne for the first time at the age of 42 following aggressive chemotherapy for a life-threatening breast cancer ~ now 10 years on I have just discovered "the regime" and have already found wonderful success with it. Although I am still at the stage where I am trying to get clear I have noticed a significant reduction in breakouts simply by following this wonderful advice, having spent sooooo much money on trying this cream and that, having peels and laser I now find the BEST treatment is freely available at my local chemist for as little £3!!!! My question ~ and please forgive me if I have missed anyone else's similar comments on here but there is so much information on this site ~ is... Has anyone else experienced acne caused by anti-oestrogen drugs? It was almost an immediate thing, like a switch being thrown and I went from having a perfectly clear skin to resembling a pizza in what felt like a few days... I had 8 cycles of aggressive chemo followed by two different tablet forms for another 5 and half years. I eventually had to stop the medication because of the side effects - severe joint, muscle and nerve pain, which put me in a wheelchair and hoped that both the pain and the acne would ease off but although my mobility difficulties did improve just a little the acne has not and plagues me to the present day. I am intending to pursue the advice given here but was hoping that someone somewhere (I'm sure I can't be the only one!!) may be able to offer additional advice ~ or some hope!! For my part I am very willing to share what treatments (tablets, topical and laser) I have tried and failed with or any other information anyone might find interesting, relevant or helpful. I haven't written reams here as I don't want to bore everyone... I will definitely write again on how "the regime" works for me ~ I am now only two weeks into it but have already found a big difference. Again, I am so very grateful to Acne.org. and those who work so hard putting it all together! Warm Wishes Kiss&Makeup

Kiss & Make Up

Kiss & Make Up